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United Kingdom - RFW Renfrewshire - Hairmyres Hospital, Scotland, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth11 March 1971Scott Karen
Death9 December 1975Davidson Samuel Pattison



United Kingdom - RFW Renfrewshire - Kilbrachan, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birthabout 1879Pattison Rachel
Birthabout 1882Pattison Samuel



United Kingdom - RFW Renfrewshire - Kilmacolm, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birthabout 1788Fairlie Jean (885)
Birthabout 1788Lang William (884)
Marriage21 January 1808Lang William (884) with Fairlie Jean (885)
Birth1 January 1809Lang Elizabeth
Birthabout 1831Scott Susan
Birth2 February 1840lang Robert
Birth15 May 1842lang Elizabeth
Birth15 May 1847lang Arthur
Birth30 June 1849lang John
Marriage2 April 1853McIndoe John with Scott Susan
Birth28 April 1865McIndoe David Scott
Birthabout 1907Montgomery Male



United Kingdom - RFW Renfrewshire - Langbank, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth12 May 1872Coghill Bruce
Birthabout 1885Moffat Tom



United Kingdom - RFW Renfrewshire - Mearns, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage22 May 1841Law John with Russell Elizabeth



United Kingdom - RFW Renfrewshire - Neilston, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth20 December 1812McPherson Jean
Marriage21 September 1821Dalglish James with Carswell Catherine
Birth16 January 1823Dalglish Alexander
Birth19 January 1825Dalglish Margaret
Birth26 December 1827Dalglish Janet
Birth6 February 1830Dalglish Flora
Birth11 March 1832Dalglish James
Birth27 January 1834Dalglish Joana
Birth18 May 1836Dalglish Catherine
Birth11 September 1838Dalglish Agnes
Birth7 April 1841Dalglish Mary
Marriage3 April 1860Brown Robert Davidson Jeffrey with Dalglish Joan
Marriage4 December 1881Fraser Abraham with Riggans Mary Bryden
Marriage23 August 1889Howie Robert Montgomerie with Bickerstaff Isabella



United Kingdom - RFW Renfrewshire - Nitshill, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth2 June 1887Howie David Bickerstaff
Birthabout 1889Howie Sarah
Birthabout 1889Hunter Harry
Birthabout 1892Armour Andrew
Birthabout 1892Howie Isabella Bickerstaff
Birthabout 1893Howie James
Birthabout 1893Nixon Mary
Birth10 December 1894Howie Catherine Kate
Birthabout 1894Unamed Male
Marriageabout 1910Hunter Harry with Howie Sarah
Marriageabout 1912Armour Andrew with Howie Isabella Bickerstaff
Birth8 August 1913Unamed Sadie
Marriageabout 1913Howie James with Nixon Mary
Deathabout 1935Unamed Sadie
Deathabout 1950Howie Sarah
Death12 May 1964Howie Catherine Kate
Death14 February 1969Howie James



United Kingdom - RFW Renfrewshire - Paisley High, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth14 July 1811Lang James
Birth20 March 1814Lang William
Birth4 June 1820lang John (442)



United Kingdom - RFW Renfrewshire - Paisley Middle, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage5 December 1841lang John (442) with McPherson Sarah (443)



United Kingdom - RFW Renfrewshire - Paisley : 69 events

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, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death?Hamilton Sarah
Birthabout 1774Scaddlock George
Birthabout 1774Thomson Margaret
Birthabout 1783Mack Jane
Birthabout 1783McMillan Thomas
Birthabout 1791Lochead Jane (887)
Birthabout 1791McPherson Neil (886)
Birth2 October 1794Scaddlock Janet
Marriageabout 1794Scaddlock George with Thomson Margaret
Birth26 August 1799Boyd Janet
Marriage29 January 1803McMillan Thomas with Mack Jane
Birthabout January 1803McWhirter Andrew
Birth27 August 1803Lindsay John
Birth19 July 1808Muir Hugh
Birthabout February 1809McWhirter Janet
Birthabout February 1811McWhirter Margaret
Marriage5 September 1811McPherson Neil (886) with Lochead Jane (887)
Marriage20 June 1812Bone Quintin with Scaddlock Janet
Birth8 July 1813Muir John
Birth26 August 1813Bone Janet
Birth28 January 1822McPherson Sarah (443)
Birth9 May 1825Barr Margaret Stewart
Birthabout 1826McIndoe John
Marriage10 November 1839Kerr William with Gibson Mary
Marriage2 January 1841Cuthbertson William with Clark Agnes
Birthabout 1846Ritchie William
Birthabout 1851Walker David
BirthSeptember 1852Hamilton John
Birth17 November 1853Atkinson William
Birth1 May 1856Atkinson Thomas
Birth22 July 1857McDougall Duncan
Birth22 July 1857McDougall Duncan
Birth11 May 1858Atkinson Ellen
Birth3 July 1860Atkinson Ellen
Birth2 September 1862Atkinson Isabella Tinn
Birthabout 1863Lockhart George
Marriage7 June 1864Ritchie William with Johnston Sarah
Birth29 March 1869Ritchie Ann Davidson
Marriage7 June 1872Milhinch David with McFetridge Anne
Marriage5 June 1874Ritchie William with Muir Jane Jeanie
Birthabout February 1881Wilson Hugh
Birth26 January 1886McKellar Helen Robertson
Birth16 November 1886Turley Margaret Leonard
Birth17 July 1891McWhirter Andrew
Death5 December 1893Lockhart John Allison
Birthabout 1893Gilkison Nathan
Birth6 October 1894McWhirter Sarah Hamilton
Birth20 July 1896McWhirter Thomas Hamilton
Marriage26 July 1901Ritchie William Muir with McWhirter Agnes McLean
Deathabout 1901McWhirter Alexander
Birthabout May 1908Leighton Jane Smith
Death24 January 1909Leighton Jane Smith
Marriage17 June 1910McWhirter James with McKellar Helen Robertson
Birth10 September 1910Leighton Janet Jack
Birth25 November 1914Templeton James Jim
Marriage11 June 1915McIntyre Arthur with Dewart Elizabeth Bessie McDonald
Death9 March 1916Hamilton John
Birth18 April 1917McCallum Archibald Archie Young
Deathabout 1921Gilkison Nathan
Death7 January 1939Young Catherine Cuthbert
Burialabout January 1939Young Catherine Cuthbert
Death22 May 1942Bryden Jane McCrindle
Deathabout 1942Leighton George Smith
Deathabout 1969Gilkison Nathan
Death26 June 1976Hamilton William
Death12 June 1986Templeton George

2 Garthlaw Place, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriageabout 1881Hume Hosick with Hilton Anna

Hawkhead Cemetery, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burialabout 1921Gilkison Nathan

Ross Hospital, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth5 February 1970Gardner Christine



United Kingdom - RFW Renfrewshire - Renfrew PA4 : 17 events

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, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birthabout 1680Brown Margaret (7165)
Marriageabout May 1714Mun Robert (7164) with Brown Margaret (7165)
Birth13 March 1720Mun Robert (3582)
Birth12 July 1867Hill Jane McLean
Birth10 September 1867Frew Margaret
Birth17 October 1869Walker Janet
Birthabout 1869Arthur Thomas
Birth6 January 1870Thom Alexander
Birth25 June 1870Frew John
Birth21 March 1871Bryden William
Death30 January 1873McMyne Helen Sloss
Birth21 March 1873Wood Helen McGavin
Birth25 March 1873Frew Annie Findlay
Marriage31 October 1878Turley John Leonard with Ingram Elizabeth Weir Russell
Birth8 January 1881Turley Elizabeth Weir
Marriage29 April 1927Addie David with Buchanan Margaret

Arkleston Cemetery, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial23 December 1950Fraser May Stout



United Kingdom - ROC Ross and Cromarty - Stornoway, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth10 May 1887Campbell Colin John



United Kingdom - ROX Roxburghshire - Ancrum, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth27 December 1802Smith Agnes Wallace
Marriage6 March 1831Burns John with Smith Agnes Wallace
Marriageabout 1849Buchanan Charles with Burns Jessie



United Kingdom - ROX Roxburghshire - Hawick, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birthabout 1804Burns John



United Kingdom - ROX Roxburghshire - Jedburgh, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birthabout 1554Davidsone Thomas (225280)
Birthabout 1780Burns Andrew
Birthabout 1782Burns Margaret



United Kingdom - ROX Roxburghshire - Kelso, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birthabout 1575Davidsone George (112640)
Birthabout 1580Ker Thomas (112642)
Birthabout 1580Todrick Meg (112641)
Birthabout 1580Tait Helein (112643)
Marriageabout 1595Davidsone George (112640) with Todrick Meg (112641)
Birth22 March 1598Davidsone James (56320)
Christening22 March 1598Davidsone James (56320)
Birthabout 1600Davidsone Robert
Birthabout 1600Ker Marione (56321)
Marriageabout 1600Ker Thomas (112642) with Tait Helein (112643)
Marriage23 March 1618Davidsone James (56320) with Ker Marione (56321)
Birth6 April 1619Davidsone Grissel
Birth27 February 1620Davidsone Stephaine
Birth28 June 1622Davidsone Stephaine
Deathabout 1622Davidsone Stephaine
Birth21 December 1624Davidsone Margrat
Birth18 June 1626Davidsone Robert
Birth17 April 1628Davidsone Robert (28160)
Deathabout 1628Davidsone Robert
Birth29 December 1630Davidsone Margrat
Birth30 July 1633Davidsone Elspeth
Birth9 November 1634Davidsone Issobell
Birth3 November 1636Davidsone Robert
Birth21 January 1639Davidsone Allexander
Marriage16 April 1648Davidsone Robert (28160) with Robinsone Marione (28161)
Birth16 September 1649Davidson Jeanet
Birth11 January 1652Davidson Andrew (14080)
Birthabout April 1654Davidsone Robert
Birth1 March 1657Davidsone Thomas
Birth11 September 1659Davidsone Anna
Birth27 April 1662Davidsone Issobelle
Birth9 July 1665Davidsone Johne
Birth9 July 1665Davidsone James
Event for9 July 1665Davidsone Johne
Event for9 July 1665Davidsone James
Birth25 August 1667Davidsone William
Birth24 April 1670Davidsone Charles



United Kingdom - SRY Surrey - Baldwins Hill, Lingsfield, England

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth30 October 1879Simmans Fred



United Kingdom - SRY Surrey - Godalming GU7 : 1 event

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birthabout 1798Woods Frederick

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