List of events ordered by date

United Kingdom - LKS Lanarkshire - Carnwarth, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth4 August 1854Anderson Elizabeth Betsy
Birthabout 1887Pattison Martha



United Kingdom - LKS Lanarkshire - Carstairs, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth9 March 1874Davidson Margaret
Birth5 November 1878Davidson John
Birth1 February 1881Davidson Jessie Ferguson



United Kingdom - LKS Lanarkshire - Castlemilk West Church, Glasgow, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriageabout 1976Davidson Charles Watson with Munro Martha
Christeningabout 1995Davidson Lynn
Christeningabout 1995Davidson Sharon



United Kingdom - LKS Lanarkshire - Castlemilk, Glasgow, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Deathabout 1960Richardson Hugh



United Kingdom - LKS Lanarkshire - Cathcart, Glasgow, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birthabout 1922Carbry Edward
Birthabout 1926Carbry Matthew



United Kingdom - LKS Lanarkshire - Cathkin, Glasgow, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death13 June 1990Duffin Arthur



United Kingdom - LKS Lanarkshire - Chapleton, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death1 July 1851Park Robert



United Kingdom - LKS Lanarkshire - Church 0f Scotland, Carmunnock, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriageabout 1971Davidson Samuel Pattison with Armstrong Anne



United Kingdom - LKS Lanarkshire - Church of Scotland, Fielden Street, Bridgeton, Glasgow, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
ChristeningOctober 1948Davidson Samuel Pattison



United Kingdom - LKS Lanarkshire - Church Of Scotland, Glasgow, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage11 November 1926Stout Johnston Love with McDade Janet



United Kingdom - LKS Lanarkshire - Clutha Hall, Elm Street, Glasgow, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage26 October 1900Miller James with Pattison Mary



United Kingdom - LKS Lanarkshire - Clydeford Road, Cambuslang, Glasgow, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth6 September 1888Fraser May Stout



United Kingdom - LKS Lanarkshire - Co-Operative Hall, Rutherglen, Glasgow, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage30 June 1909Pattison John with Sneesby Mary



United Kingdom - LKS Lanarkshire - Coatbridge, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death4 December 1891Roe Agnes
Deathafter 1891McMillan Thomas



United Kingdom - LKS Lanarkshire - County Hospital, Motherwell, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death30 March 1927McIntyre Sarah Gordon



United Kingdom - LKS Lanarkshire - Crawfordjohn, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage7 January 1801Wilson Thomas with Johnstone Agnes
Birthabout 1804Lindsay William
Birth22 February 1811Weir Ann
Birth22 February 1811Weir Ann
Birth16 December 1827Blakely Margaret
Birth21 August 1840Thomson Janet
Birth21 August 1840Thomson Janet
Birth27 September 1842Thomson William
Birth27 September 1842Thomson William
Birth15 October 1844Thomson James
Birth15 October 1844Thomson James
Birth8 December 1845Thomson Jean
Birth8 December 1845Thomson Jean
BirthDecember 1853McMurtrie Elizabeth
Birth19 February 1856McMurtrie Robert



United Kingdom - LKS Lanarkshire - Cross Row, Blantyre, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage31 December 1878Nelson Walter with Cameron Christina



United Kingdom - LKS Lanarkshire - Daldowie Crematorium, Westburn, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burialabout June 1990Duffin Arthur



United Kingdom - LKS Lanarkshire - Dalserf, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birthabout 1823Boddle James
Birthabout 1823Duncan Barbara
Marriage2 April 1843Boddle James with Duncan Barbara
Birth7 February 1868McEwan Jane
Birth8 July 1908Lawrie Lilas Bunty Clelland



United Kingdom - LKS Lanarkshire - Dalziel, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birthabout 1868Ward James
Birth3 February 1869Kerr John
Marriageabout 1881Davidson Joseph with Malcolm Jane Young



United Kingdom - LKS Lanarkshire - Denniston, Glasgow, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage1 June 1880Gilchrist Allan with Allison Margaret



United Kingdom - LKS Lanarkshire - Douglas District, Lanark County, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birthabout 1818Wilson Elizabeth
Marriage17 October 1830Smith James (446) with Bannatyne Elizabeth (447)
Birth2 January 1831Smith Janet
Marriage1 January 1843McMurtrie William with Wilson Elizabeth
Marriage19 July 1848McMurtrie Duncan with Sloan Margaret
Birthabout April 1849McMurtrie Elizabeth



United Kingdom - LKS Lanarkshire - Douglas, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birthabout 1762Dodds James
Marriage19 October 1845Dunsmuir Allan with Lewis Mary Lewars
Marriage6 November 1848McHarg James with Dodds Grizel Grace
Marriage26 October 1871Mitchell Charles with Cossar Marion Brown



United Kingdom - LKS Lanarkshire - Duke Street Hospital, Glasgow, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth27 April 1976Gardner Louise



United Kingdom - LKS Lanarkshire - East Cotts, Lanark, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth4 January 1864Park Robert



United Kingdom - LKS Lanarkshire - East Kilbride, Glasgow, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birthabout 10 June 1948Doyle Ellen
Birthabout 1960Clark Lesley



United Kingdom - LKS Lanarkshire - East Kilbride, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birthabout 1839Hamilton John



United Kingdom - LKS Lanarkshire - East Mains, Lanark, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birthabout 1836Timothy Thomas



United Kingdom - LKS Lanarkshire - Easterhouse, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Event for10 December 1897Smith Alexander Mair
Birth10 December 1897Smith Alexander Mair
Birth10 December 1897Smith Andrew Knox Scotty
Event for10 December 1897Smith Andrew Knox Scotty



United Kingdom - LKS Lanarkshire - Garngadhill, Townhead, Glasgow, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birthabout 1871Brodie Ellen
Death17 July 1913Scott John



United Kingdom - LKS Lanarkshire - Glasgow Registry Office, Martha Street, Glasgow, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birthabout 1888Unamed Male
Marriage21 February 1975Davidson Samuel Pattison with Gardner Margaret
Marriageabout 1989McDougal David with Gardner Suzanne



United Kingdom - LKS Lanarkshire - Glasgow, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Divorce?McMillan Gabriel with McCade Ann
Marriage?Gardner Thomas with Quinn Mary
Birth?McGinty Paul
Cremation?McDade Ellen Vicarstaff
Marriage14 August 1718Kirkland Andrew with Lockhart Mary
Birth14 June 1722Mun John
Birthabout 1740Hume Andrew
Birthabout 1740Unamed Female
Marriageabout 1759Hume Andrew with Unamed Female
Birthabout 1760Hume David
Birthabout 1760Robertson Ann
Birthabout 1760Hume William
Birthabout 1760Wilson Grisel
Birth6 February 1774Watson Gavin
Birth9 May 1779Hume Alexander
Marriageabout 1779Hume David with Wilson Grisel
Marriageabout 1779Hume William with Robertson Ann
Birth11 June 1780Hume James
Birth14 August 1785Hume William
Birth5 May 1797Cree Archibald
Birthabout 1797Calderwood Mary
Birthabout 1803Beauchamp Janet
Marriage22 October 1810McMurtrie William with McFedris Agnes
Birthabout 1811Clarke Rosa
Birthabout 1811McCairns James
Marriage3 July 1818Cree Archibald with Calderwood Mary
Marriageabout 1818Stewart John with Pettigrew Agnes
Birthabout 1818Stewart George
Birthabout 1820Currie Alexander
Birthabout 1820McKechnie Mary
Birthabout 1821Cameron Angus
Birthabout 1821Chalmers Catherine
Marriageabout 1821Cavanagh Michael with Campbell Mary
Birthabout 1823McBroom Helen
Birthabout 1826Cavanagh John
Birthabout 1826Fitzsimmons William
Birthabout 1826Sinclair Margaret
Birth15 August 1830Hunter Margaret
Marriage19 June 1831Turnbull John with McDonald Catherine
Marriageabout 1831McCairns James with Clarke Rosa
Marriage23 December 1834Gebbie Thomas with Earston Mary
Birthabout 1834McBirnie Ann
Birthabout 1834McBurnie Ann
Birthabout January 1835Turnbull Jessie
Birthabout 1835McIntosh Mary
Birthabout 1835Fraser Donald
Birthabout 1835Park Esther
Birthabout 1835Hilton Robert
Birthabout 1835Unamed Female
Birthabout 1838McDade John Aird
Birth15 January 1840Currie Alexander
Marriageabout 1840Currie Alexander with McKechnie Mary
Marriage25 January 1841Gebbie John with Buchanan Anne
Marriage27 June 1841Cameron Angus with Chalmers Catherine
Birthabout 1841Connors Mary
Birthabout 1841Ferguson James
Marriage22 November 1842Donaghy James with Colquhoun Christina
Birthabout 1842Lamont Isabella
Marriage25 August 1846Taylor Henry Cowan with Walker Christina
Marriageabout 1846Dixon Leslie with Hunter Margaret
Marriageabout 1846Fitzsimmons William with Sinclair Margaret
Birthabout 1847Johnston Sarah
Birthabout 1847Black Isabella
Birthabout 1847Watson Charles
Marriage28 May 1848Bryden James with McCowan Elizabeth
Marriage5 December 1848Douglas John with Murdock Isabella
Birthabout 1848Cameron Christina
Birthabout 1849Thomson Isabella
Birthabout 1851Beattie John
Birthabout 1851McElroy Catherine
Birthabout May 1852Douglas James
Birthabout 1852Boyd Jessie
Death20 May 1853McDonald Catherine
Birthabout 1853Chalmers Rachel
Birthabout 1853Livingston William
Birth20 March 1854Park Alexander Arthur
Marriage23 October 1854Robertson John with Watson Margaret
Birthabout 1854McDougall Alexander
Birth25 January 1855Davidson Thomas Bryden
Birth8 November 1855Park Samuel
Marriageabout 1855Fraser Donald with Unamed Female
Marriageabout 1855Hilton Robert with Park Esther
Marriageabout 1855Fraser Donald with McIntosh Mary
Marriage6 June 1856Scott William with Brown Jane Jeanie
Birth28 September 1856Hume Hosick
Birthabout 1856Unamed Janet
Birthabout 1856Cameron Christina
Birthabout 1856Phillips Elizabeth
Birth16 March 1857Scott Jane
Birth1 May 1857Guthrie George Colville
Marriage3 July 1857Samson Thomas with Davidson Janet
Birth30 September 1857McWhinnie Mary
Birth30 September 1857McWhinnie Mary
Birth30 September 1857McWhinnie Mary
Birthabout 1857Hilton Anna
Birth24 March 1858Park Jane
Marriage16 July 1858Anderson John with Gillies Agnes
Birth21 July 1858Walker Agnes Davidson
Death17 October 1858McIntyre Arthur
Deathabout 1858Cavanagh Michael
Birthabout 1858Turley John Leonard
Birth26 January 1859Scott William
Marriage27 April 1859Roy Gilbert with Turnbull Jessie
Death14 July 1859Campbell Mary
Marriage15 July 1859Ferguson James with Connors Mary
Birth25 July 1859Hume Hannah
Birth29 September 1859Roy Catherine Turnbull
Marriageabout 1859Hume James with Finlay Elizabeth
Birthabout 1859Hilton Effie
Birth25 May 1860Walker David
Birth14 June 1860Kerr William
Birth18 September 1860Park Robert
Birth16 October 1860Allison Margaret Young
Birthabout 1860Bruce Joan
Birthabout 1860Williamson Donald
Birth5 February 1861Henderson William Watson
Birth10 February 1861Scott Robert
Birth24 November 1861Walker Anne Margaret
Birth29 November 1861Ferguson Margaret
Birthabout 1861Hilton John
Birthabout 1861Unamed Margaret
Birthabout 1861Gibbons Thomas
Birthabout 1861Reynolds Elizabeth
Birth6 February 1862Scott Ebenezer
Birth22 April 1862Kerr James Ferguson
Birth14 June 1862Park Robert
Birth9 January 1863Hume David
Birth5 February 1863Walker Jesie Ferguson
Birth17 March 1863Henderson Mary Ann
Birth26 June 1863Roy John Turnbull
Birth22 July 1863Mitchell Elizabeth Runciman
Birth13 September 1863Samson Matthew Davidson
Marriage28 October 1863Hunter Andrew with Davidson Jemima Porteous
Birth5 November 1863Bryden Margaret
Birth5 November 1863Bryden Margaret
Birth24 February 1864Kerr John
Birth1 March 1864Davidson Annie
Birth8 March 1864Walker James Ferguson
Birth10 May 1864Scott James
Birth17 October 1864Park James
Birth28 October 1864Brown William
Birth28 April 1865Dunsmuir Helen
Birth14 May 1865Roy Gilbert Malcolm
Birth17 May 1865Walker Anne
Birth13 July 1865Bryden Isabella Davidson Dick
Marriage14 July 1865Bryden Montgomery with Chapman Catherine
Birth6 December 1865Hamilton Elizabeth McNair
Birth17 December 1865Cousland Robina
Birthabout 1865Hume Annie
Birthabout 1865Hume John
Birth17 January 1866Kerr Agnes Ferguson
Birth7 April 1866Brydon Christina Bryce
Marriage13 June 1866Davidson Charles with Henderson Catherine
Birth6 August 1866Walker Gilbert
Birth13 August 1866Park John
Marriage16 October 1866Paxton James with Aitken Elizabeth
Birthabout 1866McManus John
Birth5 February 1867Bryden Hugh
Birth5 February 1867Bryden Hugh
Death26 June 1867McMillan Jane
Birth27 July 1867Robertson Agnes Johnina
Birthabout 1867Parkinson James
Birth10 January 1868Paxton Agnes Taylor
Birth17 January 1868Scott Janet Jessie
Birth14 February 1868Bryden James
Birth28 March 1868Park Cathrine
Birth28 May 1868Walker Emily Jane
Marriage26 June 1868Brydon William with Cameron Christina
Birth23 August 1868Morrison John Cochrane
Birth24 November 1868Davidson Mary Ann
Birth24 December 1868Bryden John Davidson
Birthabout 1868Mathieson Agnes
Marriageabout 1868Gardner James with McCambridge Martina
Birthabout 1868Unamed Catherine
Birth23 January 1869Caldwell Allan
Birth14 February 1869Hunter Andrew
Marriage23 February 1869Dodds Henry with McBean Elizabeth
Birth2 September 1869Walker John Kerr
Marriage29 November 1869Campbell Cuthbert with Gebbie Mary
Marriageabout 1869Watson Charles with Thomson Isabella
Birth2 May 1870Scott Robert
Birth24 September 1870Davidson John
Deathabout 1870Samson Thomas
Birthabout 1870Ward Margaret
Death10 December 1871Gilkison Elizabeth Tyre
Birthabout 1871Dunning James
Birthabout 1871Parkinson Helen
Birth1 July 1872Davidson Charles
Birthabout 1872Unamed Mary
Birth16 April 1873Bryden Hugh James Craig
Marriage1 July 1873Gebbie William with Jack Annie
Birth12 October 1873McDade John
Death30 November 1873Thomson Stevenson
Marriageabout 1873Livingston William with Chalmers Rachel
Birthabout 1873Livingston Cecilia
Birthabout 1873Ward David
Birth28 August 1874Bryden Margaret
Birthabout 1874Parkinson Hugh
Birthabout 1874Williamson David
Death10 December 1875Armstrong Ann
Birthabout 1875Hunter Thomas
Birth6 April 1876Beattie Elizabeth
Birthabout 1876Mushet Janet
Birthabout 1876Leven Mary
Birthabout 1876Hunter Maggie Jane
Birthabout 1876Walker Agnes
Birthabout 1877Parkinson Richard
Birthabout 1877Hunter Jessie
Birthabout 1877Walker Olive
Death21 December 1878Thomson Helen
Birthabout 1878Fisher John
Birthabout 1878Walker Allan
Birthabout 1879Coghill Agnes Bruce
Marriage5 January 1880Gilkison Nathan with Grieve Jeanie
Birth1 February 1880Brydon Montgomerie
Birth3 December 1880Beattie James Elliott
Marriageabout 1880Williamson Donald with Bruce Joan
Birthabout 1880Ferguson Jane
Birthabout 1880Hunter George
Birthabout 1880Walker James
Birth26 January 1881Bryden Mary Jane
Marriage2 April 1881McMills Charles with Wallace Isabell
Birth13 April 1881Templeton Agnes McCutcheon
Birth1 June 1881Milne David
Death4 December 1881Lilly John
Birthabout 1881Beattie George
Birthabout 1881Ward Janet
Birthabout 1881Hunter Jeanie
Birthabout 1881Ferguson Hosick
Marriage1 January 1883Hume David with Brydon Christina Bryce
Death9 March 1883Davidson Jemima Porteous
Death31 May 1883Brydon Montgomerie
Birth31 May 1883Morrison Mary
Marriage1 June 1883Bone William with Greer Elizabeth
Birth25 February 1884Brydon William
Marriageabout December 1884McWhinnie Cunninghame Stuart with Speirs Agnes Hogg
Birthabout 1884Hume Annie
Birthabout 1885Bryden Montgomery
Birthabout 1885Hume Montgomerie
Birth26 June 1886McWhinnie John
Birth13 August 1886Christie David Cooke
Marriage19 December 1886Samson Matthew Davidson with Hives Catherine Edgar
Birthabout 1886Wilson Male
Birthabout 1886Hume David
Birthabout 1886Gardner Lisa
Birthabout 1886Davidson Jane Brown
Birthabout 1886Henderson William
Birthabout 1886Maxwell Male
Birthabout 1886Groom Hannah
Birthabout 1886Gardner Mary
Birth23 September 1887Samson Thomas
Birthabout 1887Hume Kate
Birthabout 1887Bryden Catherine
Deathafter 1887Fraser Donald
Deathbefore 1887McIntosh Mary
Birth22 March 1888McWhinnie Ellen Thomson
Birth17 July 1888Nicolson Neilina
Death19 November 1888Turnbull John
Birthabout 1888Hume Christina
Marriageabout 1888Bryden James with Unamed Catherine
Birthabout 1888Unamed Male
Birthabout 1888McIntyre Jane McLachlan
Marriage28 June 1889Kean William Riddell with McTurk Margaret
Birthabout 1889Hume Jean
Birthabout 1889Bryden Christine
Marriageabout 1889Strachan Andrew with Steed Margaret Cook
Marriageabout 1889Gilkison Nathan with McElroy Catherine
Birth15 March 1890McEwen Mary Bain
Birth6 May 1890McWhinnie Cunninghame Stuart
Birth22 May 1890Brown Robert Davidson Jeffrey
Birth26 December 1890Bone William Gibson
Birthabout 1890Unamed Female
Marriageabout 1890Ferguson George with Bone Jane Nettleton
Birthabout 1890Hume Alexander
Deathabout May 1891Wyllie Thomas
Marriage17 July 1891Brown Robert Davidson Jeffrey with Templeton Agnes
Marriage17 September 1891Allison James Ward with Cameron Ann
Marriageabout 1891Dunning James with Brodie Ellen
Birthabout 1891Hume Robert
Birthabout 1891Bryden James
Birth25 March 1892McWhinnie William Speirs
Birth15 June 1892Hunter Jemima Davidson
Death26 November 1892Hives Catherine Edgar
Birth19 December 1892Hamilton William
Birthabout 1892Brown Alexander
Birthabout 1892Watson Rachel Chalmers
Marriage13 June 1893Bryden Montgomery with Hannah Mary
Marriage23 June 1893Dick William with Robertson Janet Campbell
Marriage31 July 1893Bryden Robert Noble with Sloan Jane Dick
Birth20 September 1893McWhinnie Alexander Speirs
Birth20 September 1893McWhinnie Mary Campbell
Marriage11 October 1893Hunter Andrew with Robertson Agnes Johnina
Birthabout 1893Bryden John
Marriageabout 1893Mair William with Bryden Elizabeth
Birthabout 1893Nelson Wiliam
Birth2 July 1894Morrison Jeanie Nanna Hunter Wilson
Birth21 October 1894McWhinnie Hugh
Birth10 December 1894Hunter Andrew
Birthabout 1894Williamson Catherine
Birthabout 1894Craig Caroline
Birthabout 1894Carmichael Peter Stewart
Birthabout 1894Prentice Anne
Birthabout 1894Fraser William
Death4 February 1895Bone Matthew Campbell
Death2 April 1895McWhinnie Alexander Speirs
Death8 April 1895McWhinnie Hugh
Marriage31 December 1895Brydon Montgomery with McAlinden Sarah
Marriage24 April 1896Bryden Hugh with Biggar Susan Wallace
Marriage19 June 1896McDade John with Beattie Elizabeth
Death2 September 1896Davidson Margaret
Death2 September 1896Davidson Margaret
Birth2 October 1896McDade Elizabeth Phillips
Birthabout 1896Bryden George
Marriageabout 1896Brydon Angus Cameron with Leven Mary
Deathafter 1896Hunter Andrew
Death20 February 1897Bryden Thomas Montgomerie
Birth30 April 1897Davidson Mary Allison
Birth12 May 1897Kean William Riddell
Birth28 May 1897Morrison Margaret Maggie Winthrope Watson
Birth28 October 1897McGinn Margaret
Birth6 November 1897Hunter Harriet Paxton
Deathabout 1897McMurtrie Gilbert
Death28 January 1898Thomson William
Birth29 January 1898McWhinnie Agnes Hogg Speirs
Birthabout 1898Unamed Male
Marriage21 March 1899Beattie John with Phillips Elizabeth
Birth14 February 1900McDade Mary Beattie
Birth10 April 1900McWhinnie Elizabeth Ramsey
Marriage30 November 1900Beattie James Elliott with Gilchrist Margaret Young
Deathabout 1900Coghill William
Birthabout 1900Bryden Nellie
Birthabout 1900Livingstone Beatrice
Birthabout 1900Manson Martha Craig McLean
Birthabout 1900Hill David
Birthabout 1900Wilson Hugh Cameron
Marriage12 February 1901Bowes John Drinnan McCall with McClelland Matilda
Marriage28 February 1901Murdoch James with Taylor Agnes
Death22 April 1901Hunter James Davidson
Marriage8 August 1901McBurnie Thomas with Fulton Christina
Marriage14 March 1902Young James Boyd with Campbell Catherine Jane
Burialabout March 1902McCambridge Martina
Birth12 October 1902Reid Marion
Birth19 November 1902Fraser Helen
Birthabout 1903Brydon Christina Cameron
Birthabout 1904Carberry Elizabeth
Birthabout 1904Tennant John Glachen
Birthabout March 1905Davidson Thomas
Death8 May 1905Bryden William
Birth9 May 1905McQuaker Euphemia
Death29 November 1905Davidson Thomas
Birthabout 1905Brydon James
Birth15 March 1906Brydon William
Death24 April 1906Picken Janet
Burialabout August 1906Gardner James
Birth7 September 1906McDade Janet
Birthabout 1906Brydon Thomas Morrison
Birthabout 1906Stout Johnston Love
Death15 August 1907Bryden Montgomery
Death30 October 1907Greer Elizabeth
Death30 December 1907Thomson James
Birthabout 1907Quinn Mary
Birthabout 1907Gardner Thomas
Birthabout 1907Gardner John
Birthabout 1907Unamed Charlotte
Birth15 May 1908Milne May Stirling
Death23 May 1908Brydon William
Marriage19 June 1908Christie David Cooke with Nicolson Neilina
Birth9 July 1908McDade James Beattie
Birth21 October 1908Speirs Mary Ann
Marriageabout 1908Henderson William with McIntyre Jane McLachlan
Marriageabout 1908Ferguson Robert with Gilchrist Elizabeth
Deathabout 1908Livingston Cecilia
Marriage15 January 1909Bone William with Forbes Mary McPherson
Death10 March 1909Cameron Christina
Marriage1 July 1909Attrill Norman Gerald with Bone Sarah Crawford
Death8 May 1910Dick Robert
Death25 May 1910McMillan Janet
Birth22 August 1910McDade William Beattie
Marriage30 December 1910Samson Thomas with McEwen Mary Bain
Birthabout 1910Geach Ellen Jane
Birthabout 1910Martin Andrew
Birthabout 1910McDade Margaret Ann
Birth5 June 1911Mitchell John
Birth26 June 1911Sillars Elizabeth Hannah Lumsden
Death16 February 1912Ward James
Marriage28 August 1912Bone William Gibson with Barbour Helen Brown
Birth1 September 1912Milne Charles Bruce
Birth25 November 1912Hume Mary McKay
Marriageabout 1912Armstrong William with Fraser Catherine
Marriage12 September 1913McCammont James with Kinnabrugh Sarah
Marriageabout 1913Gilkison Nathan with Unamed Female
Death19 May 1914McWhinnie William Speirs
Birth11 November 1914Carmichael Elizabeth Prentice
Marriageabout 1914Fraser William with Craig Caroline
Marriageabout 1914Carmichael Peter Stewart with Prentice Anne
Birthabout 1914Fraser Ruby
Birthabout 1914Gardner James
Birthabout 1914Folley Mary
Birth17 March 1915Templeton Walter Dunlop
Marriage5 September 1915McWhinnie Cunninghame Stuart with Unamed Female
Birthabout 1915Armstrong Robert
Birthabout 1915Henderson Elizabeth McInnes
Marriage17 February 1916Donaldson Thomas with Allison Margaret
Death11 September 1916Templeton Walter Dunlop
Marriageabout November 1916Unamed Male with McWhinnie Agnes Hogg Speirs
Birthabout 1916Gardner Elizabeth
Deathabout 1916Samson Thomas
Birthabout 1916Milligan Robert
Birth10 January 1917Keay Helen
DeathApril 1917Wyllie David
Marriage25 July 1917Hunter John Robertson with McGinn Margaret
Birthabout 1917Brown Jeannie
Death15 January 1918Kennedy Mary
Death9 March 1918Thomson Isabella
Death17 November 1918Forbes Mary McPherson
Death29 November 1918Swan Margaret Maggie
Birth8 August 1919Templeton George
Birth17 July 1920Hume John
Birthabout 1920Robertson Edward
Birthabout 1920Coghill Joan
Birthabout 1920Begg Margaret
Marriageabout 1920Bryden Thomas Tommy Cowie Cornelius with McLennan Mary
Marriageabout July 1921Unamed Male with McWhinnie Ellen Thomson
Birthabout 1921Templeton Male
Birth4 December 1922Watson Cecelia
Birth28 May 1923Hume Donald Fraser
Birthabout 1923Drysdale Jessica
Death26 September 1924Dunsmuir Ann
Marriageabout 1924Wilson Hugh Cameron with Livingstone Beatrice
Death5 December 1925McCluskie Hugh Bryden
Birthabout 1925Hume Male
Birthabout 1925McLean Ann
Death30 December 1926McWhinnie Ellen Thomson
Marriage24 June 1927Beattie William Elliott with Davidson Catherine Cathie
Marriageabout 1927Tennant John Glachen with Carberry Elizabeth
Birthabout 1927Gardner Cathy
Marriageabout 1927Gardner John with Unamed Charlotte
Birthabout 1927Gardner John
Birthabout 1927Gardner Thomas
Birthabout 1927Gardner Cecilia
Birthabout 1928Jordon Robert
Death24 November 1929Thomson Hellen Kerr
Death29 November 1929Gilchrist Margaret Young
Birthabout 1929Christie Anne Prentice
Birthabout 1929Milligan Elizabeth Gibbons
Death18 April 1930Allison Margaret
Marriage7 March 1931Brand James with Bryden Jessie Tennant
Death17 June 1931Bone William
Marriageabout 1931Mitchell John with Keay Helen
Marriageabout 1931Martin Andrew with McDade Margaret Ann
Birthabout 1932Milne Male
Birthabout 1932Armstrong Mary
Birthabout 1932Bicker Female
Birthabout 1932Wilson Female
Marriageabout 1932Unamed Male with Hume Mary McKay
Death10 January 1933Clearie Hugh
Death12 January 1933Templeton Agnes
Birthabout 1933Clark Robert
Birthabout 1933Watson Helen Gillespie
Birthabout 1934Armstrong Scott
Birthabout 1934Gardner John
Deathabout 1934Bryden Hugh
Birthabout 1934Milne Male
Marriageabout 1934Gardner James with Folley Mary
Death30 March 1936Manson Robert Allison
Marriage3 June 1936Dunlop Robert Hall with Aitken Elizabeth Dick
Marriage10 June 1936McBurnie Samuel Clarke with Sillars Elizabeth Hannah Lumsden
Death16 September 1936Bryden Mary
Marriageabout 1936Milligan Robert with Gardner Elizabeth
Death12 December 1937Dunlop David
Marriage24 December 1937Christie David Cooke with Carmichael Elizabeth Prentice
Birthabout 1937Brydon Female
Birthabout 1937Mitchell Male
Death16 February 1938Barclay Jane
Death6 April 1938Chambers Helen
Death7 April 1938Bone John Campbell
Death6 July 1938Bryden Gilbert McCulloch
Birth22 February 1939Addie Henry Cook Mitchell
Birthabout 1940Bell Male
Marriageabout 1940Robertson Edward with Coghill Joan
Birthabout 1940Hume Anne
Marriageabout 1940Hume John with Begg Margaret
Birthabout 1940Robertson Female
Marriageabout 1940Jordon Robert with O'Connor Margaret
Death6 April 1942Beattie Elizabeth
Birthabout 1942Hume David
Death29 May 1943Warnock Dave
Death9 July 1943McLean Martha Craig
Death15 December 1943McDade John
Marriageabout 1943Hume Donald Fraser with Drysdale Jessica
Death22 November 1944McTurk Margaret
Birthabout 1944Hume James
Birthabout 1944Wilson Female
Birthabout 1944Tachious Male
Death4 August 1945Dykes Robert
Birth21 August 1945Armstrong Anne
Christeningabout 1945Armstrong Anne
Marriageabout 1945Hume Male with McLean Ann
Birthabout 1945Hume Ann
Birthabout 1946Hume John
Birthabout 1946Wilson Male
Birth29 October 1947Duncan Robert
Birthabout 1947Hume Kenneth
Birthabout 1948Hume Janice
Birthabout 1948Jordon James
Birthabout 1948Jordon Robert
Birthabout 1948Jordon Thomas
Birthabout 1949Hume James
Deathabout 1949Coghill Bruce
Deathabout 1949McDade Margaret Ann
Death20 February 1950Bone Thomas
Death20 December 1950Fraser May Stout
Deathabout 1950Henderson William
Death23 January 1951Gilchrist Jessie
Deathabout 1952Dyer Edward James Fitzpatrick
Marriageabout 1952Unamed Male with Armstrong Mary
Birthabout 1952Armstrong Catherine
Birthabout 1952Milne Female
Birthabout 1952Milne Female
Marriageabout 1952Milne Male with Wilson Female
Birthabout 1952Muir Male
Birth21 June 1953Munro Martha
Birth21 February 1954McMillan Gabriel
Marriageabout 1954Milne Male with Bicker Female
Birthabout 1954Craig Female
Birthabout 1954Milne Male
Birth13 April 1956McCade Ann
Death5 June 1956Milne David
Death19 March 1957Hunter Patrick James
Deathabout 1957Armstrong Robert
Birthabout 1957Mitchell Female
Birthabout 1957Hay Male
Marriageabout 1957Mitchell Male with Brydon Female
Death14 August 1958McWhinnie Agnes Hogg Speirs
Birthabout 1958Carney Anne Marie
Birthabout 1958Hume Alan
Death30 November 1959Beattie James Elliott
Birthabout 1959Mitchell Male
Marriageabout 1960Bell Male with Robertson Female
Birthabout 1960Hume Eric
Birthabout 1960McAinsh Janet Lang
Birth19 June 1961Brown Hazel
Burialabout 1961Coghill Agnes Bruce
Birthabout 1962Hume Douglas
Birthabout 1962McGinty Joseph
Birthabout 1962Unamed Eileen
Death22 May 1963McWhinnie Cunninghame Stuart
Marriageabout 1964Tachious Male with Wilson Female
Death15 December 1965Milne Charles Bruce
Birth8 January 1966Savage Patricia
Marriage3 September 1966Hamilton Fraser with Christie Anne Prentice
Marriage28 October 1967Scott John Charles with Davidson Elizabeth Beatty Mcdade Watson
Death17 November 1967Gilchrist Elizabeth
Birthabout 1967Unamed Male
Death10 May 1968Hume John Chapman
Death27 October 1968Davidson Mary Allison
Birthabout 1969McDougal David
Death26 January 1970McDade Mary Beattie
Death22 June 1970McWhinnie Mary Campbell
Death16 November 1970Carmichael Elizabeth Prentice
Death18 January 1971McGifford Thomas
Death8 September 1971McWhinnie Elizabeth Ramsey
Marriageabout 1972Muir Male with Milne Female
Birthabout 1972Muir Female
Birth22 February 1973Scott Gary
Death27 August 1973McDade Elizabeth Phillips
Divorceabout 1973Davidson Samuel Pattison with Armstrong Anne
Death3 April 1974Mitchell John
Birthabout 1974Hughes Louise
Marriageabout 1974Brydon Angus Cameron with Brown Jeannie
Birthabout 1974Muir Female
Marriageabout 1974Milne Male with Craig Female
Death5 May 1975Christie David Cooke
Birth26 February 1976Davidson Ian
Birthabout 1976Watson Steven
Birthabout 1977Hay Female
Marriageabout 1977Hay Male with Mitchell Female
Death31 May 1978Kenyon Mary Fleming Thomson
BirthNovember 1978Davidson Sharon
Birthabout 1978McCardle Edward
Deathabout 1978Watson Rachel Chalmers
Birth16 February 1979Russell Niall
Birthabout 1979Chambers Wendy
Birthabout 1979Hay Female
Death9 July 1980Wilson Hugh Cameron
Birthabout 1981Hay Male
Death19 May 1982McDade Janet
Birth1 November 1982Robertson Alan
Birth6 December 1982Armstrong Charlene
Marriageabout 1982Hume Douglas with Unamed Eileen
Birthabout 1982Hume Elizabeth
Birth22 November 1985Davidson Lynn
Birth28 May 1986Dyer Leigh
Marriageabout 1986Dyer Thomas with Savage Patricia
Death10 March 1990Milne May Stirling
Birth12 March 1990Dyer Dawn
Deathabout 1990Brydon Angus Cameron
Deathabout 1994McDade James Beattie
Deathabout 1994McKenzie Peter
Death30 June 1996Brown Jeannie
Deathabout 1997Speirs Mary Ann
Marriageabout 1998Watson Steven with Gardner Louise
Birthabout 1998Watson Morgan
Death30 November 1999Hume Mary McKay
Death10 August 2000Hume Donald Fraser
Death5 April 2001Drysdale Jessica
Retirementabout 2005Armstrong Anne
Marriage7 August 2010Robertson Alan with Dyer Leigh
Death12 November 2012Duncan Robert

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