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United Kingdom - AYR Ayrshire - Stair, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth28 March 1764Campbell Elizabeth
Birthabout May 1807Hay Agnes
Birth11 March 1809Ferguson Agnes
Birthabout 1811Irvine John
Birthabout 1812Johnston Marion
Birthabout 1812Hunter James
Birthabout 1812Richmond ALexander
Birthabout 1812Muir Janet
Birthabout 1814Downie David
Birthabout 1815Hunter Susan
Birthabout June 1816Arthur Isabel
Birthabout 1818Cowan Jane
Birth16 April 1819Faddes James
Birth10 June 1821Faddes Margaret
Birth13 July 1824Faddes Samuel
Birth6 October 1827Faddes Robert
Marriage28 November 1828Galbraith David with Hay Janet
Marriage2 February 1829Hunter James with Johnston Marion
Birth12 October 1829Faddes Lydia
Marriageabout 1829Kirkland John with Ferguson Agnes
Birth11 April 1830Hamilton Andrew
Birthabout July 1832Faddes John
Marriage14 December 1832Richmond ALexander with Muir Janet
Birth16 February 1833Hay Elizabeth
Birthabout March 1833Galbraith Jean
Marriage21 June 1833Nisbet James with Hay Helen
Marriage17 December 1833Hay Hugh with Hunter Susan
Birth28 November 1834Hay Samuel
Birthabout 1834Brown Margaret
Birthabout 1834Nisbet William
Birth30 July 1835Galbraith Alexander
Marriage11 December 1835Downie David with Hay Margaret
Birthabout 1835Downie James
Birth26 November 1837Galbraith Agnes
Birth18 May 1838Richmond Elizabeth
Birth10 January 1839Downie Helen
Birth18 October 1839Richmond Janet
Birthabout 1840Galbraith Janet
Birth2 February 1841Hay Jane
Birthabout March 1842Galbraith Mary
Birth19 March 1843Hay Andrew Hunter
Birthabout 1843Campbell Elizabeth
Birthabout October 1845Hay James
Birthabout 1847Hay Agnes
Birth6 July 1848Downie Agnes
Birthabout March 1850Galbraith Margaret
Birthabout 1850Hay James
Deathbefore 1850Hay James
Birthabout June 1854Jamieson Jean Andrew
Birth26 June 1856Jamieson Isabella
Death3 October 1856Hay Margaret
Death11 April 1857Faddes Benjamin
Birth1 June 1859Jamieson Mary
Marriage30 December 1862McMyne William with Richmond Mary
Birth10 May 1865McMyne Janet Muir
Birth30 April 1867McMyne Mary Clark
Birth23 June 1868McKie Thomas Halbert
Birth12 July 1869McMyne Elizabeth B
Birth20 January 1870McKie William
Birth31 March 1871McKie Archibald
Birth24 May 1871McMyne Ann B
Birth17 July 1873McMyne Jane B
Birthabout 1876McKechan Ellen
Birthabout 1878McKechan Mary
Birth2 August 1885Jones Rossana
Birth2 August 1885Jones Rossana Martin



United Kingdom - AYR Ayrshire - Stevenston, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth25 January 1761Young Margaret
Birth13 June 1762Fulton Archibald
Birth13 May 1781Gray Annie
Marriage28 October 1785Fulton Archibald with Young Margaret
Birthabout 1785Reid Margaret
Birth1 August 1786Fulton John
Birth11 April 1788Fulton Katherine
Birth10 March 1792Fulton Archibald
Birthabout 1794Browne Marion
Marriage17 July 1809Fulton John with Reid Margaret
Birth15 October 1810Fulton Elizabeth
Birth18 August 1814Fulton Archibald
Birth13 January 1819Fulton Mary
Birthabout January 1821Fulton Bryce
Birthabout July 1823Fulton Martha Reid
Birthabout July 1825Fulton John
Marriage4 April 1834Thom Alexander with Reid Jane
Birth1 December 1834Thom Alexander
Birth23 June 1836Thom Robert
Birth9 April 1838Roe Agnes
Birth19 August 1838Thom David
Birth26 July 1839Walker John
Birth20 January 1840Thom David
Birth19 February 1843Thom John
Birthabout 1846Thom Alexander
Birth1 April 1847Thom Agnes
Birthabout 1848Anderson Barbara
Birth6 June 1849Thom Susanna
Birth4 June 1856Thom Benjamin
Birth17 June 1859Thom John
Birth29 September 1859Thomson Robert
Birth23 February 1860Roe William
Marriage24 February 1860Walker John with Roe Mary
Death6 April 1860Roe William
Birth19 April 1860Roe Samuel
Event for19 April 1860Roe Samuel
Event for19 April 1860Roe Thomas
Birth19 April 1860Roe Thomas
Birth22 August 1860Walker John
Marriage27 September 1861Bryden Thomas with Roe Agnes
Birth27 November 1862Walker Thomas
Birth26 January 1863Bryden Helen
Birth28 June 1864Walker Helen
Birth12 July 1864Harvie Robert
Birth28 January 1865Bryden Thomas Montgomery
Marriage9 June 1865Thom Alexander with Roe Marion
Birth29 September 1865Strachan Andrew
Birth15 July 1866Harvie Margaret
Birth29 March 1867Bryden James
Marriage26 April 1867Davidson Andrew with Anderson Barbara
Birth26 May 1867Thom Helen
Birth2 July 1867Strachan Andrew
Marriage31 December 1867Strachan Peter with Hendry Ann
Birth9 January 1868Strachan Fanny Bain
Birth15 September 1868Strachan Andrew
Birth23 September 1868Harvie Mary
Birth1 May 1869Strachan Agnes Lindsay
Birth19 May 1869Bryden Margaret
Birth10 February 1870Strachan Janet
Birth7 January 1871Harvie Elizabeth
Birth8 October 1871Strachan Jane McNeil
Birth11 February 1872Strachan Hugh
Birth27 March 1872Pennal Janet
Birth13 April 1872Thom Thomas
Birth23 July 1872Boyd Jeanie Wylie
Birth27 December 1872Harvie Robert
Birth12 August 1874Thom Jane Reid Jenny
Marriage12 November 1875Freeburn John with Strachan Margaret
Birthabout 1875Harvie Ann
Marriage10 March 1876Boyd William with Dunlop Martha
Birthabout 1877Harvie Janet
Birth18 August 1878Alexander Mary
Birthabout 1879Harvie Williamina
Birthabout October 1880Thom Robert
Death15 August 1884Roe Thomas
Marriageabout 1887Bryden Thomas Montgomery with Pennal Janet
Birthabout 1887Thom John
Death19 August 1888Bryden Thomas Montgomery
Marriage20 November 1888McKee Samuel with McGarva Elizabeth Boyle
Birthabout 1888Bryden Thomas Montgomerie
Birth10 April 1894Greig John
Birth2 April 1896Greig Agnes Gardener
Death9 August 1898Roe Mary
Birth12 November 1898Greig William
Death2 December 1898Greig William
Birth6 April 1900Greig Jeanie
Birth6 April 1900Greig William
Birth27 March 1901Martin William Murray
Death27 May 1901Greig Jeanie
Marriage30 August 1901Murdoch Robert with Alexander Mary
Death19 February 1904Roe Marion
Death9 May 1905Boyd Julia
Death26 October 1913Greig William
Death15 December 1913Robertson Ann
Birth21 October 1915McMillan Jessie
Death7 June 1916Greig John
Death2 July 1924Greig Agnes Gardener
Death11 April 1925Thomson Jane Taylor Jeannie
Marriage6 June 1930Martin William Murray with McCammont Sarah Jane W
Death31 May 1931McCammont William
Marriage19 August 1931McLachlan James with McCammont Isabella
Death15 May 1938Greig Archibald Thomson
Marriage8 July 1938Cramp Victor Nelson with McCammont Mary
Marriage31 August 1940McCammont Jack Allenby with McMillan Jessie
Death13 January 1942Roe Thomas
Death28 July 1942Greig William
Death3 January 1947Greig Margaret Maggie
Death1 August 1947Ferguson Agnes
Death27 September 1948Roe Samuel



United Kingdom - AYR Ayrshire - Stewarton, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birthabout 1683Arnot Andrew
Marriage29 September 1708Arnot Andrew with Brown Janet
Birth10 June 1712Arnot Ann
Birth13 September 1713Arnot John
Marriage22 January 1737Arnot John with Stevenson Martha
Birthabout May 1739Arnot Agnes
Birthabout March 1745Arnot Andrew
Birthabout July 1747Arnot Janet
Birthabout April 1750Arnot Alexander
Birthabout August 1752Arnot Martha
Birthabout 1753Gemmell Ann
Birthabout 1765Shields Thomas
Birthabout 1769Gillies Elizabeth
Birthabout May 1778Arnot Grizal
Marriage11 June 1779Arnot Andrew with McMillan Grizzal
Birthabout April 1780Arnot John
Birthabout July 1781Arnot John
Birthabout April 1783Arnot Alexander
Marriage4 June 1784Jack George with Gemmell Ann
Marriage25 June 1784Bone William with Muir Janet
Birthabout January 1785Arnot Andrew
Marriage22 October 1785Barr Allan with Young Margaret
Marriage13 November 1790Shields Thomas with Gillies Elizabeth
Birthabout 1791Blair Agnes
Birth13 January 1793Shields Margaret
Birth13 July 1794Shields Elizabeth
Birth23 September 1796Shields Jean
Birth2 September 1798Shields Thomas
Birth19 October 1800Shields Mary
Birth28 January 1802Shields Mary
Birth28 September 1805Shields Ann
Birth1 March 1807Shields Robert
Marriage6 August 1813Shields Thomas with Blair Agnes
Birth17 November 1814Shields David
Birth2 August 1818Shields John
Birth29 August 1820Shields Jean
Birth15 September 1822Shields Mary
Birth27 February 1825Shields Elizabeth
Birth11 September 1825Grier Martha
Birth4 June 1827Shields Ann
Birth12 August 1829Shields James
Birth17 August 1831Shields Thomas
Birth1 March 1834Shields Joseph
Birthabout 1841Muir Samuel
Marriage18 May 1849Graham Andrew with Robertson Margaret
Birthabout 1856Brackenridge John
Birth19 September 1857Law Isabella
Birthabout 1858Marshall Catherine
Marriage11 June 1863Thomson John with Montgomery Agnes
Marriageabout 1865Robertson Robert with Aitchison Helen
Marriage28 July 1882Dunsmuir James with Cunningham Helen
Birthabout 1887Lamberton Elizabeth
Death10 June 1907Howie Catherine Kate
Death15 August 1998Walker Robert



United Kingdom - AYR Ayrshire - Straiton, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birthabout March 1743Chambers Sarah Chalmers
Birthabout 1762Rodgers Isabella
Birthabout 1762Roy Anthony
Birthabout 1770McCall Agnes Mcaul
Birthabout 1773Bone Margaret
Birthabout 1773McCutcheon John
Birthabout 1780Rogers William
Marriageabout 1783Roy Anthony with Rodgers Isabella
Birth6 September 1784Roy David
Birth6 July 1785Roy Margaret
Birth22 May 1787Bone William
Birth22 December 1787Roy David
Deathbefore December 1787Roy David
Birth5 January 1789Roy William
Birth21 June 1789Bone Quintin
Birth14 April 1790Roy Alexander
Birth15 July 1791Roy Charles
Birth21 February 1793Roy Ary Logan
Birthabout February 1793Roy Mary Logan
Marriage13 August 1793McCutcheon John with Bone Margaret
Birth5 October 1794McCutcheon Hugh
Birth2 March 1795Roy Robert
Birth24 October 1796Roy Sarah
Birth15 December 1796McCutcheon Agnes
Birth19 January 1798Roy Elisabeth
Birth2 January 1799Roy James
Birth13 March 1799McCutcheon Margaret McCulloch
Birthabout February 1801Hay Janet
Birth28 April 1801McCutcheon William
Marriage28 July 1801Murdock William with Bryden Anne
Birth18 April 1802Murdoch Janet
Birthabout 1802Love Robert
Birth30 July 1803McCutcheon David
Birthabout 1807McLarty Neil
Birthabout 1807Campbell Jean
Birthabout 1807Fisher Mary
Birthabout 1807Niven Alexander
Birthabout February 1808Hay Helen
Birthabout February 1808Nisbet James
Birthabout 1808Unamed Agnes
Birthabout 1810Hay Janet
Birth30 March 1812Hay Hugh
Birthabout 1814Hay Margaret
Birthabout 1815Arthur Elizabeth
Birthabout 1816Scott John
Birth22 December 1817McCreath Helen
Birthabout 1817McDowell Agnes
Birthabout 1817Shennan James
Marriageabout 1819Roy James with McCutcheon Margaret McCulloch
Birth19 December 1824Roy Margaret
Birthabout 1825McCutcheon James
Birth30 June 1826Roy Anthony
Birth8 April 1827Thomson William
Marriage21 April 1827McLarty Neil with Fisher Mary
Birth17 September 1827Stevenson James
Marriageabout 1827Niven Alexander with Campbell Jean
Birthabout 1827Niven Margaret
Birthabout February 1828Roy Isabella
Birth23 March 1829Thomson David
Birth12 October 1829Roy John
Birthabout 1829Muir Hugh
Birth30 December 1830Thomson John
Birth24 May 1831Roy James
Birth24 December 1832Thomson David
Deathbefore December 1832Thomson David
Birth4 June 1833Roy Alexander Crawford
Marriage20 December 1833Crowley William with McMurtrie Elizabeth
Birthabout 1833McLarty Neil
Birth29 May 1834Crowley Marion
Birthabout 1834Smith Mary
Birth13 August 1835Roy Anthony
Birthabout 1835Thomson John
Deathbefore 1835Thomson John
Birth13 March 1837Crowley Mary
Birth8 June 1837Roy William
Birth26 September 1837Thomson Thomas Brydon
Marriage24 November 1837Shennan James with McDowell Agnes
Birth9 June 1839Roy Ann Walker
Birth1 July 1839Thomson Jean
Birth20 July 1841Thomson James
Birth1 January 1842Roy Elizabeth
Birth10 March 1842Stevenson Caroline
Marriageabout 1844McCutcheon James with Roy Margaret
Birth14 March 1846McCutcheon Elizabeth
Death31 May 1846McMurtrie David
Birth2 April 1847McCutcheon David
Birth10 February 1849McCutcheon Janet McKie
Birth16 February 1850McCutcheon Jane
Birthabout 1853McClean William
Birthabout 1853McClung Mary
Birth7 July 1856McGill Thomas
Birth18 April 1857Hill James
Marriage3 July 1857Shields Joseph with Crowley Mary
Birthabout 1857Ramsay Anne
Birth30 April 1858McGill Jane
Birth22 July 1859Shields Elizabeth McMurtrie
Marriage12 August 1859McLarty Neil with Roy Margaret
Birth8 September 1859McClung Thomas
Deathbefore 1859McCutcheon James
Birth26 October 1860McGill Janet Colville
Birthabout 1860Crombie Elizabeth
Birth7 January 1861McLarty Mary Fisher
Birth14 March 1862McLarty Malcolm
Birth23 September 1862McGill Male
Death23 September 1862McGill Male
Birth11 November 1863McGill Lilias Guthrie
Marriage17 June 1864Bryden William with Bell Sarah
Marriage12 January 1865McCutcheon David with Bryden Helen
Birth17 January 1865McLarty Margaret McDonald
Marriage26 November 1867Sturgeon James with Martin Mary
Death30 November 1868McCutcheon Margaret McCulloch
Birth5 June 1872McGill Catherine
Birthabout 1873Donald James
Birthabout 1874Boyd James
Birth25 June 1875Boyd Maggie
Marriage29 June 1877Donald James Louden with Ramsay Anne
Birthabout 1878Donald Thomas
Birthabout 1879Donald Elizabeth
Death12 December 1884Roy James
Birth25 January 1907McClure Elizabeth Grant
Death24 April 1907Roy Margaret

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