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United Kingdom - AYR Ayrshire - New Dailly, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage23 December 1742Gordon John with Lawson Christian
Burial22 March 1853Scobie Matthew
Birth13 December 1891Davidson Montgomery Bryden
Birth21 November 1894Davidson Andrew
Birthabout 1896Kate Catherine
Death4 July 1901McMurray Janet
Marriageabout 1916Davidson Montgomery Bryden with Kate Catherine
Death15 April 1968Davidson Montgomery Bryden
Death8 February 1986Kate Catherine



United Kingdom - AYR Ayrshire - New Dykes Farm, Prestwick, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death18 October 1924Davidson Helen



United Kingdom - AYR Ayrshire - New Milns, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birthabout 1852Brown Jean
Birth8 October 1880Pollock Margaret
Birth1 February 1894Paterson Annie
Death6 December 1914Dykes Mary
Birth23 November 1917Young John
Death3 June 1958Paterson Annie
Death4 August 1978Young John



United Kingdom - AYR Ayrshire - New Rows, Garallan, Old Cumnock, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death19 November 1884McCrindle David



United Kingdom - AYR Ayrshire - Newmilns, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birthabout 1847Scott James
Marriage23 August 1861Dykes Andrew with Kirkland Janet
Marriage11 March 1881Dykes Andrew with Borland Helen Bryce
Birthabout 1886Dykes Mary McLean
Birthabout 1889Dykes Andrew
Death12 April 1924Dykes Andrew
Death24 September 1927Borland Helen Bryce



United Kingdom - AYR Ayrshire - Newton on Ayr, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth10 November 1782Dunlop John
Birth22 January 1785Dunlop Robert
Baptism23 January 1785Dunlop Robert
Birth25 February 1787Dunlop James
Birth23 April 1789Dunlop Margaret
Birth15 July 1792Dunlop James
Deathbefore 1792Dunlop James
Birthabout 1800McCall Hugh
Birth9 July 1802Scobie John
Christening11 July 1802Scobie John
Birthabout 1806Stewart Anthony
Birth11 September 1815Dunlop Robert
Birth1 June 1818Dunlop Walter
Baptism10 June 1818Dunlop Walter
Marriage25 July 1819Creoch John Tennant Of with Bryden Margaret
Birthabout 1819Guthrie Mungo
Marriage28 January 1825McCall Hugh with Moir Janet
Birth1 January 1826McCall Alexander
Birth7 September 1827McCall Robert
Death1 January 1828Steel John
Birth5 August 1829McCall John
Birthabout 1830Dunlop Robert
Birth23 January 1831McCall James
Birth9 August 1832McCall Christian
Birth25 August 1834McCall David
Birth6 May 1837McCall Mary
Birth1 June 1839McCall James
Birthabout 1840Stewart John
Birth26 May 1843Tennant William
Birth26 May 1844McMeikan David
Birthabout 1846McCall Agnes
Birth8 July 1857Mitchell William
Birth14 December 1872Cornelius Elizabeth Lizzie Wilson
Marriage2 December 1881Paton Matthew with Davidson Helen
Marriage24 April 1885Coulter William with Hunter Mary
Birth7 February 1886Findlay Jessie
Birthabout 1887Brackenridge Jane
Birthabout 1889Brackenridge Marion Thomson
Birth6 April 1890Davidson Margaret
Marriage18 September 1894Bryden Hugh James Craig with Cornelius Elizabeth Lizzie Wilson
Birth25 March 1898Bryden Agnes McCall
Marriage10 November 1899Clearie David Hunter with Thomas Henrietta Sophia
Deathabout 1964Davidson Margaret



United Kingdom - AYR Ayrshire - Newton, St Quivox, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth10 May 1805Scobie Anne



United Kingdom - AYR Ayrshire - North Thrave, Kirksowald Parish, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birthabout 1808McClanachan Janet



United Kingdom - AYR Ayrshire - Ochiltree, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death?Gilmour Hugh
Birth4 January 1761Murdock William
Birth28 November 1762Thom Archibald
Birthabout 1781Jamieson Elizabeth
Birth2 December 1783Hunter Andrew
Birthabout 1787Kay Margaret
Birthabout 1787Wallace Hugh
Birthabout 1795Creoch John Tennant Of
Marriage1 June 1804Hunter Andrew with Jamieson Elizabeth
Marriage4 September 1807Wallace Hugh with Kay Margaret
Birth7 February 1809Wallace Jane
Birthabout 1809Mair James
Birthabout 1810Wallace Mary
Birth15 October 1812Wallace Andrew
Marriage10 December 1814Gilmour Hugh with Lambie Jean
Birth7 January 1815Wallace Margaret
Marriage17 December 1816Bone David with McGill Agnes
Birthabout 1816Morrison Ronald
Birth6 April 1817Wallace Hugh
Birth25 May 1819Gilmour Elizabeth
Birth25 January 1820Wallace Marion
Birthabout 1822Riggans Janet
Birth5 November 1823Wallace Sarah
Birth28 December 1837Mair Margaret
Birth19 September 1839Mair Agnes
Birth3 April 1841Mair William
Birthabout 1843Hose Annie
Birth29 September 1844Mair Mary
Birth29 July 1849Mair John
Marriage9 August 1850Paterson William with Hetterick Mary
Birth11 August 1856Ferguson Jane
Death25 September 1863Lambie Jean
Birth24 April 1864Jamieson Thomas
Birth17 August 1866Jamieson Elizabeth
Birth6 May 1868Jamieson James Faddes
Birth8 October 1870Jamieson Agnes
Birth20 December 1872McCulloch Alexander
Marriage4 June 1875McKechan David with Jamieson Jean Andrew
Birthabout 1878McQuaker Jane
Death6 October 1886Craig Janet
Death17 June 1891Hay Hugh
Marriage5 June 1896Gordon Francis with Guthrie Martha
Birth5 September 1899Hutchieson Margaret Cairney
Birth13 January 1905Gordon James Guthrie
Death8 November 1923McCulloch Mary
Death8 March 1931Gordon Francis
Death25 January 1947Davidson Jessie Shields
Death9 September 1951Shirkie Matthew
Death13 November 1951Davidson Agnes



United Kingdom - AYR Ayrshire - Old Cumnock, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birthabout 1737McLatchie John
Birthabout 1750Crawford Janet
Birthabout 1768Lockie Sarah
Marriage4 February 1770McLatchie John with Crawford Janet
Birth17 December 1772McLatchie Janet
Birthabout 1772Hamilton Thomas
Birth15 January 1785McLatchie Mary
Birth28 February 1787Mclatchie Agnes
Birthabout 1787Browne James
Birth28 January 1789McLatchie Robert
Birthabout January 1792McLatchie Janet
Marriage29 June 1792McLatchie Hugh with Lockie Sarah
Birth29 March 1793Hunter Jane
Marriage27 January 1795Hamilton Thomas with McLatchie Janet
Birthabout 1796McLatchie Crawford
Burialabout August 1797McLatchie John
Deathabout August 1797McLatchie John
Marriageabout October 1799McLatchie John with kerr Jane
Marriageabout October 1799McCall William with McLatchie Marjory
Birthabout 1799Gillies Elizabeth
Burialabout 1800Crawford Janet
Birthabout 1800McLatchie William Richmond
Deathabout 1800Crawford Janet
Marriageabout 1807Browne James with Mclatchie Agnes
Birthabout 1808Young James
Birthabout 1810Miller Male
Birthabout 1812Jones William
Birthabout 1812Turner James
Marriage2 July 1813McLatchie Robert with Hunter Jane
Birthabout 1815Turner Hugh
Birth29 March 1818Browne Jennet
Birth31 July 1819Browne Ann
Marriageabout 1819McLatchie William Richmond with Gillies Elizabeth
Birthabout 1820Turner James
Birth31 October 1827Riggans Matthew
Marriage11 July 1828Dick Alexander with McClanachan Janet
Birth31 December 1828McCririck Marion
Birth27 September 1829Dick Marion
Birth3 February 1830Davidson Sarah
Birth2 October 1830Riggans Mary
Birth30 May 1832Davidson Thomas Cowan
Birth12 July 1834McCririck Catherine Boswell
Marriage18 October 1846Brodie Peter with Paterson Janet Pennman
Birthabout 1846Davidson Thomas
Birthabout 1847Hogg Elizabeth
Marriage24 May 1850Arthur John with Bryden Helen
Birthabout 1851McCrindle Margaret
Birth17 October 1852Currie Daniel
Birth17 October 1852Currie Daniel
Birth22 August 1853Stevenson Sarah Reid
Marriage30 December 1853Riggans John with Bryden Margaret
Birth22 February 1854Riggans Janet
Marriage17 November 1854Lucas James with McCririck Marion
Marriage14 September 1855Bryden William with McCririck Catherine Boswell
Birth13 December 1855Stevenson James
Birthabout 1855McCrindle David
Birth20 April 1856McCrindle Elizabeth
Birth26 June 1856Nimmo David
Birth21 September 1856Ross Grace Fergusson
Birth9 April 1857Riggans Mary Bryden
Birth14 January 1858Bryden James
Birth31 March 1858McCrindle Thomas
Birth17 April 1858Nimmo Matthew
Birth19 August 1858Stevenson Margaret Mair
Birth20 November 1858Lochrie Jemima
Birth16 July 1859Ross Jane McCreadie
Birth9 September 1860McCrindle Hugh
Birth18 September 1860Stevenson Andrew
Birth25 September 1860Nimmo John
Birth14 March 1862Nimmo David
Birth14 December 1862Riggans John
Birth23 December 1862McCrindle Walter
Birth4 February 1863Stevenson Christina Douglas Boswell
Death18 November 1863Cavanagh Sarah
Birthabout 1864Stevenson Jeanie
Birth25 January 1865McCrindle Jessie
Birth8 August 1865Nimmo Mary
Birth18 August 1865Riggans Margaret
Birth18 August 1865Riggans Montgomery
Death8 September 1865Riggans Montgomery
Marriage14 December 1866Davidson Thomas with Hogg Elizabeth
Marriage25 January 1867Carlin John with Allison Helen
Birth19 April 1867Riggans James
Birth13 August 1867Nimmo Adam
Death16 March 1868Galbraith David
Birth17 January 1869Riggans William
Birth28 December 1869Nimmo James
Birth24 March 1870Anderson Agnes
Death26 March 1870Arthur Agnes
Birth4 December 1870Nimmo Agnes
Death8 January 1872Anderson Agnes
Birth28 January 1872Anderson Adam
Birth30 September 1873Nimmo James
Marriage31 December 1873McClean William with Riggans Janet
Birth14 February 1874Anderson Marion McMurdo
Birth13 November 1875Simpson Margaret
Birthabout 1876Anderson Janet
Birthabout 1876Anderson Janet
Birthabout 1878Bryden Mary
Birth19 November 1879Boyd Jane
Marriage3 December 1880Bryden James with Lochrie Jemima
Marriageabout 1880Anderson Alexander with Riggans Agnes
Birthabout 1880McCrindle Helen
Birth5 May 1882Smith John
Marriage26 December 1883Mair John with Stevenson Christina Douglas Boswell
Birth24 May 1884Smith Margaret
Birthabout 1885Affleck Archibald
Birth18 December 1886Smith Agnes
Birthabout 1887McCrindle Mary
Deathabout 1887Riggans Agnes
Death3 May 1888McCluskie James
Death6 June 1889Davidson Thomas
Birth5 July 1889Smith Grace
Birthabout 1889McCrindle Thomas
Death21 August 1890Bryden Elizabeth
Marriage13 February 1891McCrindle Walter with Riggans Margaret
Birthabout 1891Affleck David
Marriage30 September 1892Ferguson Andrew with McCrindle Agnes Hogg
Birth23 May 1894Smith David Davidson
Birth1 February 1898Smith Douglas George
Death31 January 1904Riggans Agnes
Marriage16 June 1905Simpson William with Bryden Agnes
Death13 December 1908Guthrie Sarah Ferguson
Marriage28 February 1919Davidson Andrew with Hutchieson Margaret Cairney
Death14 December 1921Davidson Maria Cattanio
Death13 February 1934Davidson Montgomerie Bryden
Death8 February 1935Carlisle Annie
Death11 December 1940Wallace Mary
Death29 September 1941McCrindle Elizabeth

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