List of events ordered by date

United Kingdom - AYR Ayrshire - Garnieburn, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birthabout 1815McMeckan Mary



United Kingdom - AYR Ayrshire - Girvan Churchyard, Girvan Parish, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burialabout November 1843Davidson Thomas
Burialabout January 1874Davidson Margaret
Burialabout December 1886Davidson Mary
Burialabout May 1889McGhee Margaret
Burialabout November 1918Davidson James
Burialabout September 1919Davidson Janet
Burialabout 1924Davidson Thomas



United Kingdom - AYR Ayrshire - Girvan Parish, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth?Davidson Janet
Birth?Davidson Mary
Birthabout 1708McMurtrie Elizabeth Bessie (3523)
Birthabout 1744McRae Anne
Birthabout 1746Bryden Montgomery
Birthabout 1746Unamed Female
Birth12 February 1763Ross John
Birth10 June 1764Murray Janet
Marriageabout 1764Murray James with McRae Anne
Birthabout 1766Bryden Hugh
Marriageabout 1766Bryden Montgomery with Unamed Female
Birth28 June 1775Annot Janet
Birthabout 1784Orr John
Marriage30 June 1785Walker John with Allison Elizabeth
Birth23 February 1787Davidson William
Birthabout April 1787Walker Thomas
Birthabout December 1788Walker Agnes
Birthabout 1788Campbell Elizabeth
Birth14 March 1790Davidson Ann
Birthabout October 1790Walker Agnes
Death18 December 1790Davidson Ann
Birth13 December 1791Davidson Margaret
Birth6 September 1792Thomson Ann
Birth1 July 1794Davidson James
Birth23 September 1795Davidson Catherine
Birthabout 1796Hunter Jane
Birthabout 1796McLean Thomas
Birth20 February 1798Davidson John
Birth12 July 1798Bryden Nellie
Birthabout 1799Dodd Henry
Birthabout 1799Wright Mary
Birth5 May 1800Davidson Thomas
Birth14 May 1801Bryden Hugh
Birthabout December 1802Davidson Agnes
Birthabout 1802Drynan Thomas
Birthabout 1802Kennedy Rachel
Marriage22 January 1803McCulloch Thomas with Shaw Janet
Birth24 October 1803Bryden William
Birthabout 1803McClelland Margaret
Birthabout 1803McCreadie Alexander
Birthabout 1803McCulloch John
Birthabout 1804McCulloch Agnes
Birthabout 1805Robertson Elizabeth
Birthabout 1809Cathcart Hugh
Marriageabout 1809Orr John with Campbell Elizabeth
Birthabout 1809Cooper Helen
Marriageabout 1809McBurnie James with Thomson Ann
Birth22 February 1810McBurnie James
Birthabout June 1810Orr William
Birthabout 1810McLean William
Marriageabout 1811Goldie Alexander with Davidson Margaret
Birth23 June 1812Orr Agnes
Birth20 December 1813McBurnie Thomas
Birth5 July 1814Dodd Thomas
Birth11 March 1815Orr Isobell
Birth2 June 1816Dodd Andrew
Birth25 January 1819Dodds Janet
Marriageabout 1819Dodd Henry with Wright Mary
Birth7 July 1821Dodd Henry
Birthabout 1821Tait Agnes
Birth8 September 1822Drynan Hugh
Marriageabout 1822Drynan Thomas with Kennedy Rachel
Birth3 November 1823Dodd William
Marriageabout 1823McCreadie Alexander with McClelland Margaret
Birthabout 1823McCreadie Jean
Birth9 May 1824Drynan Jannet
Birth3 January 1826Drynan Thomasmina
Birth20 March 1826Dodd John
Birthabout July 1826Goldie Jean
Birth4 September 1828Roe Margaret
Birth9 December 1828Dodd Barbara
Marriage13 July 1829Cuthbertson William with McRobertson Janet
Birthabout 1829Cathcart Agnes
Marriageabout 1829Cathcart Hugh with Cooper Helen
Birthabout June 1830Cuthbertson Janet
Birthabout 1830Stewart Margaret
Birthabout June 1831Cuthbertson Janet
Birthabout 1831Goldie Mary
Marriage29 April 1833Davidson James with McAdam Annie
Birth30 May 1833Dodd Mary
Birthabout July 1833Cuthbertson Agnes
Birth11 August 1833Davidson Helen
Birthabout 1833Davidson Agnes
Birth30 June 1834Dodd Robert
Birthabout 1834Galt Jane
Event forabout 1834Galt Jane
Birthabout 1834McWhirter Margaret
Birth8 October 1835Dodd James
Birth12 February 1837Davidson Agnes
Marriage11 September 1837Davidson John with McCreadie Jean
Birth29 March 1838Dodd Edward
Birthabout 1838Wilson Janet
Birth24 March 1839Davidson James
Birth16 June 1839Thomson Eliza Jane
Birthabout January 1840Davidson Helen
Marriage7 December 1840Dick John with Fitzpatrick Catherine
Birth27 June 1841Davidson Margaret
Birth8 August 1841Thomson Martha
Birthabout September 1842Davidson Margaret
Birthabout 1842Dick Robert
Birthabout 1842McCaa Mathew
Death18 November 1843Davidson Thomas
Birthabout 1843McClure Annie
Birthabout August 1844Davidson Janet
Marriage9 March 1846Drynan Hugh with Dodds Janet
Birthabout November 1846Davidson James
Birth8 June 1847Drynan Thomas
Birth5 March 1848Hamilton Ann
Death3 June 1848Fitzpatrick Catherine
Birth13 July 1848Drynan Henry
Birth7 April 1850Hamilton Margaret
Marriage18 June 1850McKee Samuel with Cathcart Agnes
Birthabout 1852McKee Margaret
Birthabout 1853Murray James
Marriage13 June 1854Henderson Peter with Armstrong Ann
Marriage28 June 1854Davidson John with Stewart Margaret
Birth4 December 1855Drynan Samuel Kennedy
Marriage31 December 1855Murray William with McLean Mary
Birthabout 1855Hamilton Jessie
Birth26 November 1856Henderson Annie
Birth19 February 1857Murray William
Marriage11 September 1857Murdock Isabella
Marriage29 December 1857law David with Love Jessie
Birth29 April 1858Drynan Janet
Marriage29 April 1859Lambie James with Davidson Elizabeth
Birth26 May 1859Murray Charles
Birth3 July 1859law Helen
Birth23 February 1860Hamilton John
Birth27 March 1861McWhirter Sarah
Deathbefore 1861Robertson Elizabeth
Marriage27 June 1864Guthrie Mungo with McMyne Janet
Marriage22 December 1865Wason Thomas with Hendrie Catherine
Marriage9 August 1867Davidson William with Dunlop Annabella
Birth29 June 1869McWhirter Margaret
Birth7 December 1871McQuaker James
Birthabout 1871McMillan Agnes
Birth7 March 1872Bryden James
Birth7 March 1872Bryden James
Marriage23 January 1873Dodd Edward with Wilson Janet
Death1 January 1874Davidson Margaret
Birth28 March 1874Brown Jean
Birth31 March 1874Bryden Margaret Craig
Birth29 November 1874Wallace Janet Paton
Birthabout 1874Black Margaret
Birthabout 1876Bryden Janet
Birthabout 1876Bryden Janet
Birthabout 1876McWhirter Jane
Death1 February 1877McCreadie Jean
Death15 April 1878Bone William
Birth16 July 1878McWhirter Agnes McLean
Birthabout 1878Bryden Elizabeth
Birthabout 1878Bryden Elizabeth
Death15 October 1879Dodds Janet
Birthabout May 1880McWhirter Alexander
Death30 April 1881Dunlop Robert
Birth27 August 1881McWhirter Jane Jean
Birth8 March 1884McWhirter Robert Hamilton
Death8 November 1884Gebbie Janet
Birth5 June 1886McWhirter James
Death29 December 1886Davidson Mary
Death19 November 1887McIlwrick Annabella
Death15 May 1888Drynan Hugh
Death21 May 1889McGhee Margaret
Death24 July 1893Dick John
Birth14 September 1897Kirkpatrick Thomas
Birthabout 1897Bryden Margaret Meg
Death19 November 1918Davidson James
Death12 September 1919Davidson Janet
Death5 March 1922Darroch William Gordon
Deathabout 1924Davidson Thomas
Death22 February 1933Fitzsimmons Quintin
Death22 June 1991Ross Harry



United Kingdom - AYR Ayrshire - Glenbuck, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth25 February 1805Montgomerie John



United Kingdom - AYR Ayrshire - Green of Albany, Barr Parish, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth9 August 1831Wilson Agnes



United Kingdom - AYR Ayrshire - Henrietta Street, Galston, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage24 October 1862Wilson Robert with Scobie Agnes



United Kingdom - AYR Ayrshire - Herford, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birthabout 1857Campbell Robert
Birth28 February 1861Wallace Isabell



United Kingdom - AYR Ayrshire - Hurlford, Kilmarnock, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth31 August 1825Dunsmuir Honourable Robert
Death18 August 1832Dunsmuir James
Death21 August 1832Kirkland Jean
Death8 August 1837Gilmour Joseph
Birth19 September 1847Dunsmuir Elizabeth Hamilton
Birth17 August 1854Lockhart Hugh
Birth24 May 1855McMills Charles
Death12 May 1861Davidson Mary
Deathabout 1861Clarke Mary
Birth8 March 1874Walker William John
Birth29 May 1876Smith Joseph
Birth24 January 1890Bryden Ellen
Birth24 January 1890Bryden Gilbert
Birth29 July 1891Bryden John
Birth24 October 1894Bryden Robert
Birthabout 1904McBirnie Andrew Tait
Event for29 August 1906McBirnie Agnes
Birth29 August 1906McBirnie Agnes
Event for29 August 1906McBirnie Martha Ferguson
Birth29 August 1906McBirnie Martha Ferguson
Birth19 June 1908McBirnie Gilbert Ferguson
Death11 January 1910McBirnie Gilbert Ferguson



United Kingdom - AYR Ayrshire - Hurlford, Riccarton, Scotland.

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birthabout 1851Howat Jean
Birth10 October 1855Lockhart Agnes
Death29 September 1856McCulley Agnes
Death24 February 1860Scobie James
Death16 February 1886Craig Elizabeth
Death14 August 1887Roe Thomas
Death7 March 1900Lockhart David
Death15 March 1905Richmond Mary



United Kingdom - AYR Ayrshire - Inchgotrick, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death23 December 1863Milhinch William



United Kingdom - AYR Ayrshire - Irvine, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birthabout 1673McTaggart William
Birthabout 1673Ritchie Margaret
Marriageabout 1693McTaggart William with Ritchie Margaret
Birth28 December 1704McTaggart Jennet
Birth4 June 1723Craig Jean
Birth20 June 1725Craig Robert
Birth10 February 1727Craig Agnes
Birth4 March 1729Craig Neil (1762)
Birth26 January 1764Aitken Sarah
Birth9 April 1764Stobo Andrew
Birth17 September 1775McGown Mary (893)
Birthabout March 1786Bryden Agnes
Birth7 January 1788Bryden William
Marriage14 January 1788Davidson Robert with Allen Katherine
Birthabout 1788Boyd Janet
Marriage5 June 1789Stobo Andrew with Aitken Sarah
Birth6 December 1789Davidson John
Birth20 August 1790McHoull William
Marriage12 December 1791Robinson William with Davidson Elizabeth
Birthabout 1791Howie James
Birth22 October 1793Davidson Thomas
Birthabout 1793Murdoch Margaret
Birthabout 1793Russell Alexander Hamilton
Birth22 November 1795Davidson Katherine
Birthabout 1795McAllister Janet
Birth13 January 1796Fulton William
Birthabout 1796Stobo Robina
Birthabout January 1797McKillop Catherine
Birth6 September 1797Fulton Margaret
Birth8 March 1798Currie Ann
Birth28 May 1798Davidson Elizabeth
Birth1 July 1799Stobo Marion Crawford
Birth24 August 1799Currie William
Birthabout 1800Fulton Robert
Birth1 March 1801Davidson Elizabeth
Deathbefore 1801Davidson Elizabeth
Birth25 November 1802Robertson James
Birth7 December 1802Fulton Jean
Birth26 May 1803Davidson Marion
Birthabout 1804Brown Isobel
Birth24 October 1805Currie Elizabeth
Birthabout June 1807Currie Janet
Birth14 July 1807Young Andrew
Birthabout 1807Fulton Janet
Birthabout 1808McClelland James
Birthabout 1808Unamed Catherine
Birth29 October 1809Currie David
Birth2 December 1811Currie Hugh
Marriage21 October 1815Russell Alexander Hamilton with Murdoch Margaret
Marriage2 December 1815Fulton Archibald with Browne Marion
Birthabout 1815Dunbar Elizabeth
Marriage16 July 1816Young James with Boyd Janet
Marriage19 October 1816Howie James with McAllister Janet
Birthabout March 1817Russell Margaret
Birth19 April 1817Young Elizabeth
Birth10 September 1817Arnot Andrew
Marriage31 May 1818Bryden Thomas with McKillop Catherine
Birth1 August 1818Currie Ann
Birthabout 1818Howie John
Birthabout 1818Fulton Archibald
Birthabout 1818Jamieson Janet
Birthabout February 1819Russell Mary
Birth10 May 1819Arnot David
Birthabout 1819Bryden Jean
Birthabout 1820Bryden Sarah
Birthabout 1820Johnston Robert
Birthabout 1820Frayle Elizabeth
Birth19 February 1821Russell Agnes Parker
Birth19 October 1821Howie James
Birthabout 1821Fulton Alexander
Birthabout 1821Young Janet
Marriage20 January 1822McKelvie Thomas with McMillan Janet
Birth8 September 1822McKelvie Sarah
Birth18 September 1822Fulton James
Marriageabout 1822Robertson James with Fulton Janet
Birthabout 1822Jamieson Jane
Birth6 January 1823Young John
Marriage16 February 1823Fulton James with Brown Isobel
Marriage16 February 1823Fulton James
Birth28 February 1823Bryden Elizabeth
Birth3 July 1823Arnot Janet
Birth22 April 1824Howie Jean Smith
Birth25 May 1824McKelvie Catherine
Birth28 August 1824Fulton Catherine
Birthabout 1824Bryden Thomas
Birthabout 1824Dick Jane
Birthabout 1824McMeikan David
Birth10 August 1825Fulton Archibald
Birthabout 1825Scott Matthew
Birthabout 1825Bryden Jane
Marriageabout 1825Montgomerie John with Williamson Ann
Birth30 April 1826Howie Ann
Birth1 September 1827Bryden Catherine
Birth20 November 1828Fulton George
Birthabout 1828McClelland Charles
Birthabout 1828Fowler Jane
Marriageabout 1828McClelland James with Unamed Catherine
Marriage4 January 1829Fulton William with Stobo Robina
Birth18 August 1829Bryden Alexander
Birth16 December 1829Stewart Helen McDonald
Birth28 February 1830Gilkison Elizabeth Tyre
Birthabout 1830Fowler Elizabeth
Birthabout 1830Howie Jane
Birth30 January 1831Fulton William
Birth13 June 1831Bryden Janet
Birth6 December 1832Fulton Thomas
Birth6 December 1832Howie William Walker
Marriage8 December 1833Gairdner Edward with Galt Agnes
Birthabout 1833Howie Mary
Birthabout 1833McCallum Andrew Jamieson
Birthabout 1833Muir Susan
Birth11 November 1834Dunlop James
Birth22 May 1835Fowler Grace
Birth14 November 1835Fulton Margaret
Birthabout November 1836Thomson Mary McDougall
Birthabout 1836Howie William
Birthabout February 1839Jeffrey Mary Russell
Birthabout 1839Findlay William
Birthabout 1839Jeffrey Penelope
Birth7 March 1840Fulton William
Birthabout 1840Jeffrey Joseph
Marriageabout 1840Johnston Robert with Frayle Elizabeth
Birthabout 1840Lilly John
Birthabout 1840Johnston Matilda Fradly
Marriage21 February 1841Howie John with Bryden Sarah
Birthabout 1841Howie Catherine Kate
Marriage10 April 1842McMurtrie Jean
Birthabout 1843Howie Andrew
Marriageabout 1844McMeikan David with Dick Jane
Birth7 April 1845Arnot Margaret
Deathabout 1845Fulton Robert
Birth13 June 1846Fulton Archibald
Birth22 December 1846Arnot David
Birthabout 1847Ferguson James
Birth23 January 1848Wilson Thomas McSkimming
Birthabout 1848Fulton Sarah
Marriage25 May 1849Fulton Archibald with Jamieson Jane
Birthabout 1849Scott Agnes
Birthabout January 1850McCutcheon Elizabeth
Birth20 September 1850Faddes Robert Thomson
Marriage22 September 1850Scott Matthew with Bryden Jane
Marriageabout 1850Bryden Stewart with Gilkison Elizabeth Tyre
Birthabout 1850Bryden Montgomerie
Birthabout 1850Scott Ellen
Birth11 January 1851Wilson Mary
Birth3 July 1851Gilkison Nathan
Marriage15 June 1852Gilkison James with Russell Mary
Marriage27 January 1854Hamilton Andrew with Bryden Janet
Marriage9 June 1854McMillan Thomas with Roe Agnes
Birth6 August 1854Scott Jane
Birthabout 1854Shitkie Matthew
Birthabout 1854Stevenston Elizabeth
Deathafter February 1855McKillop Catherine
Birth8 March 1855Faddes John
Birth7 April 1855Lynch Jean
Birth26 July 1855McMillan William
Birth30 September 1855Kelso James
Birth9 November 1855Wallace Janet
Marriage30 November 1855Dunlop James with Blair Janet
Birth25 April 1856Scott William
Birth5 June 1856Stewart Dorothea
Birth17 June 1856Brodie Margaret
Birth16 November 1856Gilkison Margaret Murdock
Birthabout December 1856Gordon Susan
Birthabout 1856Bowes John Drinnan McCall
Birthabout 1856Ruddie Daniel John
Death12 April 1857Jeffrey Joseph
Birth19 June 1857Scott Thomas Bryden
Death20 November 1857Scott Matthew
Death22 January 1858Roe Janet
Marriage29 January 1858Stewart James with Garven Janet
Birth24 February 1858Stewart John
Birth9 March 1858Roe James
Birth1 August 1858Bryden Robert James Maxwell
Birth1 August 1858Stewart Jeanie
Birth9 June 1859Gilkison Agnes Arnot
Marriage16 June 1859McMurtrie Hugh with Thomson Mary McDougall
Marriage19 August 1859Findlay William with Jeffrey Penelope
Birth27 August 1859Stewart James Garven
Birth9 November 1859Findlay Jane Craig
Marriage9 December 1859Wilson John with Gillies Mary
Death3 June 1860Howie William
Birth15 August 1860McMurtrie Mary
Birth19 October 1860Bryden Elizabeth Wise
Birth20 March 1861Findlay Hellen McKinnon
Birth18 June 1861Gilkison Mary Russell
Death25 June 1861Russell Mary
Birth4 August 1861Howie James
Birth17 October 1861Stewart Mary
Birth18 December 1861Baillie Mary Ann
Birth7 March 1862McMurtrie John
Birth13 March 1862Stewart Jane
Death2 May 1862Stobo Marion Crawford
Marriage26 June 1862Clearie John with Fowler Grace
Deathbefore September 1862Bryden William
Birth7 October 1862Frew Jane
Birth1 December 1862Crighton Janet Martha
Marriage31 December 1862Strachan Robert with Corrance Jane
Birth21 January 1863Findlay Michael
Birth23 November 1863Baillie Mary Ann
Birthabout 1863Stevens Jane
Birth11 February 1864Stewart Andrew
Birth29 March 1864McMurtrie Jessie
Birth12 April 1864Gilchrist James Young
Birth2 July 1864Stevens James
Birth21 August 1864Findlay James Jaffrey
Birth12 September 1864Lynch Elizabeth
Birth30 October 1864Stewart William Charles King
Marriage20 December 1864Strachan John with Scott Agnes
Birth18 April 1865Frew Agnes
Marriage2 June 1865Lennox Adam with Bryden Mary
Birth4 June 1865Dunsmuir Elizabeth Jessie
Birth11 August 1865Lillie Samuel
Birth17 February 1866McWhinnie Martha
Birth17 February 1866McWhinnie Martha
Birth21 December 1866Stewart Archibald
Birth3 January 1867Lynch John
Birth1 June 1867McMurtrie John
Birth28 September 1867Findlay William
Birth19 November 1867Lynch Andrew
Birth23 December 1867Baillie Maria
Birth13 March 1868McWhinnie John
Birth13 March 1868McWhinnie John
Birth28 March 1868Ferguson Agnes
Birth4 September 1868Stewart Harriet
Death8 October 1868Howie Mary
Death27 May 1869Bryden Jane
Death27 May 1869Bryden Jean
Birth1 June 1869Findlay Robert
Birth20 September 1869Dunlop Robert Hall
Birth26 September 1869Stevens John
Birth17 February 1870McWhinnie Hugh
Birth17 February 1870McWhinnie Hugh
Birth20 February 1870Baillie John
Birth23 July 1870McDougall Agnes
Birth27 December 1870Stewart Janet
Marriage31 March 1871Moore Robert with Scott Jane
Birth23 May 1871Strachan Andrew
Marriage22 September 1871Ferguson Charles with Gairdner Agnes
Birth25 December 1871McDougall Lydia
Marriage29 December 1871McMeikan David with Scott Ellen
Birth5 February 1872McWhinnie Jeanie
Birth14 February 1872Lynch Margaret
Birth27 February 1872Stevens Thomas
Marriage1 March 1872Martin James with Stevenston Elizabeth
Birth5 June 1872Martin George
Birth28 September 1872Mullen Henry
Birth5 December 1872McMeikan David
Birth22 December 1872McMurtrie Dorothea
Marriage8 May 1873Shitkie Matthew with Craig Elizabeth
Birth28 July 1873McClelland Matilda
Birth17 August 1873Strachan Thomas
Deathabout 1873Boyd Janet
Birth4 January 1874Martin George
Birth4 February 1874McDougall Jane McClymont
Birth7 March 1874Lynch Janet
Birth14 March 1874McWhinnie William
Birth14 March 1874McWhinnie William
Birth30 April 1874Martin Jane Wilton
Birth22 June 1874Stewart Mary
Birth6 August 1874Moore John
Marriage20 October 1874Manson Thomas with Stewart Elizabeth
Birthabout 1875McMurtrie Robert
Birthabout 1875Moore William
Marriage8 June 1876Ferguson James with Manson Isabella
Birth12 June 1876Lynch Harriet
Birthabout 1876Carson Agnes
Birthabout 1876Sweetin Robert Bob
Birthabout 1876Stewart James
Deathbefore 1877Fowler Grace
Birthabout 1877McMurtrie Barbara
Birthabout 1878Martin George
Birthabout 1878Ferguson Sarah
Birthabout 1878Martin Robert
Birth7 May 1879Morrison Andrew
Birthabout 1879Ferguson John
Birthabout 1879Stewart William
Birthabout May 1880McMeikan Janet
Marriage20 August 1880Roe James with Findlay Jane Craig
Birthabout 1880Ferguson James
Birthabout 1880Manson Sarah McKelvie
Birthabout 1880McDougall Alexander
Birthabout 1880Stevens William
Birthabout 1880Martin Lydia
Birthabout January 1881Shitkie Jane
Death25 May 1881Fulton William
Marriageabout 1882Campbell William with McMurtrie Mary
Birthabout 1882Moore Henry
Death24 May 1883Barr Margaret
Birthabout 1883Fulton Archibald
Birth28 June 1884Wilson John
Death25 January 1886Young James
Birthabout 1887Martin John
Birthabout 1887McMeikan Jane
Marriage30 November 1888Ward Hugh Allison with Stevenson Agnes
Birthabout 1888Ferguson Robert
Birth8 January 1889Ward Margaret Meg
Death11 February 1889Bryden Alexander
Birthabout 1889Martin Elizabeth
Birthabout 1889McMeikan Matthew
Birthabout May 1890Ward Susan
Birth25 November 1890Howie Charlie
Death2 December 1890Hamilton Andrew
Birthabout 1890McDonald Sarah
Marriage5 June 1891Dunlop Robert Hall with McDougall Agnes
Birthabout 1892McMeikan Thomas
Birth3 February 1893Johnston John
Marriageabout 1894Howie James with Grier Mary
Birthabout 1894Mullen Mary
Death7 April 1895Dunlop James
Birthabout 1895Martin Agnes
Birthabout 1895Ward Agnes
Birth24 June 1896Sweetin John Carson
Marriageabout 1896Sweetin Robert Bob with Carson Agnes
Birth18 May 1897Mullen Elizabeth Baird
Marriage31 December 1897McMurtrie Gilbert with Goddard Agnes
Birth31 December 1897Howie Margaret Bickerstaff
Marriage30 December 1898Hamilton Andrew with Shirkie Catherine
Birthabout 1899Hamilton Elizabeth
Birthabout 1899Howie John
Birthabout June 1900McDougall Janet
Birthabout December 1900Hamilton Janet
Birthabout 1900Bryden Elizabeth Morton
Birthabout 1901Dick William
Birthabout 1901Irvine Janet
Birth11 November 1902Dick John
Deathabout 1902Howie John
Birth21 January 1903Dunlop Robert Hall
Birth6 September 1903Davidson William
Death13 April 1904McCrindle Alexander
Birth19 October 1904Dick Ebenezer Abey
Death1 November 1904Johnston Matilda Fradly
Death1 August 1907Bryden Thomas
Birth19 November 1908Hamilton Janet Brydon
Birthabout 1908Dunlop James
Birthabout 1908Spence Annie
Marriageabout 1910Howie Charlie with McDonald Sarah
Birthabout 1912Allerdyce Alex
Birthabout 1913Howie Mary
Deathabout October 1914Roe James
Birth3 April 1916Aitken Elizabeth Dick
Birth10 September 1920Malcolm John
Deathabout 19 January 1922Dick Daniel
Birth1 May 1925Johnston Elizabeth
Death9 June 1926McMeikan David
Marriage3 August 1926Dunlop Robert Hall with Skelly Mary
Marriage8 June 1928Sweetin John Carson with Howie Margaret Bickerstaff
Birthabout 1928Sweetin Male
Marriageabout 1928Dunlop James with Spence Annie
Birthabout 1928Dunlop Female
Marriageabout 1928Howie John with Irvine Janet
Death9 April 1930McDougall Agnes
Birthabout 1930Hill Female
Birthabout 1930McEwan Male
Death10 September 1935Howie Margaret
Death19 January 1936Speirs Alexander Thomson
Death19 January 1936Speirs Alexander Thomson
Death15 July 1937Dunlop Robert Hall
Death16 October 1937Hamilton Janet
Deathabout 1937Manson Thomas
Deathabout 1938Jones Sarah
Marriageabout 1940Allerdyce Alex with Howie Mary
Birthabout 1940Allerdyce Male
Birthabout 1940Unamed Female
Deathabout 1942Allerdyce Alex
Deathabout 1943Grier Mary
Deathabout 1946Gills Mary Simpson
Deathabout 1947Howie James
Marriage10 July 1948Malcolm John with Johnston Elizabeth
Marriageabout 1948Sweetin Male with Dunlop Female
Birthabout 1948Sweetin Male
Birth25 January 1949Bryden William Montgomerie Billy
Birthabout 1950McEwan Male
Marriageabout 1950McEwan Male with Hill Female
Birthabout 1950Sweetin Female
Death13 June 1956Johnston John
Marriageabout 1959Dunlop William Aitken with Crombie Female
Birthabout 1960Allerdyce Male
Marriageabout 1960Allerdyce Male with Unamed Female
Death27 October 1962Templeton Marion Buchanan
Birthabout 1962Allerdyce Female
Deathabout 1962Howie Charlie
Death10 March 1965Howie Margaret Bickerstaff
Death17 March 1965McCammont Joseph Watson
Birthabout 1970McEwan Female
Marriageabout 1970McEwan Male with Sweetin Female
Death11 December 1980Malcolm John
Deathabout 1986Howie Mary
Deathabout 1989Buchanan Mary Pollock
Death17 January 1990Martin William Murray

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