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United Kingdom - AYR Ayrshire - Colton, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth26 June 1826Wilson Jane McCormick



United Kingdom - AYR Ayrshire - Comles, Muirkirk Parish, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth4 June 1779Wilson Thomas



United Kingdom - AYR Ayrshire - Cottage at Dailly Road, Old Cumnock, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death1 December 1920Boyd Alexander



United Kingdom - AYR Ayrshire - Coylton, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birthabout 1701Ferguson Alan
Birthabout 1705Bauman Jean
Marriage19 July 1724Ferguson Alan with Bauman Jean
Birth14 August 1726Ferguson Robert
Birth16 November 1729Ferguson Alexander
Birth26 August 1750Borland Agnes
Birthabout 1762Halliday Agnes
Birthabout 1762McMillan Hugh
Birthabout October 1779Drennan Janet
Marriageabout 1782McMillan Hugh with Halliday Agnes
Birthabout 1785Easdale William
Birthabout 1785Semple Mary
Birthabout 1790Thom Charles
Birthabout 1797logan Jane
Birthabout July 1801Wilson William
Birthabout 1803Murdoch John
Birth7 November 1804Wilson Mary
Birthabout 1805Easdale James
Marriageabout 1805Easdale William with Semple Mary
Marriage18 October 1806Ferguson William with Steven Elizebeth
Birth29 July 1807Mccartney Jane
Birth16 August 1807Ferguson John
Birthabout 1807McClosky Agnes
Birth27 September 1810Campbell Robert
Birth17 March 1811Ferguson James
Birth6 December 1812Ferguson William
Birthabout 1812Smith Elizabeth
Birthabout 1812Stevenson Robert
Birthabout 1814Hay William
Birthabout 1814Hunter Jane
Birthabout 1817Galloway Robert
Birthabout 1817Hay William
Birthabout 1817Robertson Robert
Birth15 October 1818Ferguson Robert
Marriage24 December 1818Thom Charles with logan Jane
Birthabout December 1818Hay John
Marriage10 April 1819Wilson Alexander with Ferguson Elizabeth Sellar
Birthabout 1819Balfour Margaret
Birthabout 1819Loudon Susan
Birth9 November 1820Bryden James
Birthabout March 1821Hay Elizabeth
Birth23 December 1821Wilson William
Marriage28 December 1821Fergusson James Johnstone with Colville Mary
Birthabout November 1822Fergusson Janet
Birthabout May 1823Hay James
Birthabout August 1823Thom Anne
Birth14 March 1824Wilson James Ferguson
Birthabout 1824McMyne William
Birthabout 1824McNeil Charles
Birth10 September 1825Hay Samuel
Birthabout 1825Martin George
Birthabout June 1826Thom Elisabeth
Birth25 September 1826Lindsay John
Marriage12 December 1826Lindsay John with Wilson Mary
Birthabout 1826Douglas Andrew
Birthabout 1826Unamed Jane
Marriage7 March 1828Murdoch John with Mccartney Jane
Birthabout March 1828Hay Mary Campell
Marriage8 August 1828Davidson Stuart with Henderson Mary
Birthabout October 1828Thom Marion
Birth12 November 1828Wilson John Fergusson
Marriage6 March 1829Clark Robert with Fergusson Susanna
Birthabout October 1829Fergusson Mary
Birth4 January 1830Murdoch Sarah
Birth3 March 1830Lindsay William
Marriage23 April 1830Ferguson John with McClosky Agnes
Marriage15 October 1830Wilson William with Lindsay Margaret
Birthabout 1830Clark Robert
Birthabout 1830Colquhoun Sarah
Birth24 January 1831Wilson Janet
Birth30 September 1831Murdoch James
Birthabout November 1831Thom Margaret
Birthabout 1831Gilmour William
Birthabout 1831Dick Margaret
Birthabout 1831Warden Margaret
Birth27 May 1832Richmond Anne
Event for27 May 1832Richmond Anne
Birth27 May 1832Richmond Mary
Event for27 May 1832Richmond Mary
Birth23 June 1832Lindsay Agnes Nanny Hamilton
Birth10 September 1832Niven Isabella Young
Birthabout 1832Wilson Dundas F
Birthabout 1832Clark John
Birthabout 1832Simpson Agnes
Birthabout March 1833Stevenson Jane
Birth19 May 1833Wilson Alexander Ferguson
Birth2 June 1833Ferguson Elizabeth
Birthabout July 1833Thom Jane Jean
Birth15 November 1833Murdoch Jane
Birth27 April 1834Richmond Isabella
Birthabout July 1834Stevenson Anne
Marriageabout 1834Hay William with Hunter Jane
Birth14 May 1835Lindsay James
Birthabout June 1835Little Mary
Birth27 August 1835Wilson Andrew
Birth15 March 1836Bryden Andrew C
Birth18 March 1836Murdoch Mary
Birthabout March 1836Stevenson Janet Jessie
Birth5 November 1836Hay Helen
Birthabout 1836Bryden Joseph Josh
Marriage28 April 1837Mair James with Wallace Jane
Birth18 August 1837McCrindle John
Birth12 October 1837Galloway Elizabeth Ferguson
Birth23 November 1837Bryden Margaret Neil
Marriage8 December 1837Ferguson William with Kirkland Mary
Birth27 April 1838Wilson Susan
Birth10 June 1838Ferguson Agnes
Birth9 September 1838Ferguson Janet Wright
Birth7 December 1838Hay Helen
Marriage21 December 1838Easdale James with Hay Agnes
Deathbefore December 1838Hay Helen
Birthabout 1838Hay Elizabeth
Marriage25 January 1839Robertson Robert with Faddes Mary
Birthabout February 1839Stevenson Mary
Birth7 March 1839Murdoch Agnes
Death6 April 1839Hay William
Birthabout July 1839Little Helen
Marriage23 August 1839Hay John with Cowan Jane
Birthabout August 1839Thom Sarah
Birth8 October 1839Hay Samuel
Birthabout October 1839Easdale Janet
Birth4 February 1840Faddes Margaret
Birth12 March 1840Galloway Alexander Wilson
Birth31 May 1840Bryden James Cooper
Birth5 August 1840McCrindle Janet
Marriage3 September 1840Donald Somerville with Loudon Susan
Birth6 November 1840Bryden Jane McClearie
Marriageabout 1840Bryden James with Scobie Margaret Mary
Birth24 January 1841Ferguson Elizabeth Steven
Birth14 May 1841Robertson Ann
Birthabout 1841Donald Ann
Birth5 January 1842Hay Mary
Birthabout March 1842Easdale Helen
Birthabout March 1842Stevenson Julia
Birth8 July 1842Galloway James
Birthabout 1842Young Robert
Death26 January 1843Wilson Mary
Birth4 September 1843Wilson Alexander Ferguson
Birthabout September 1843Robertson Robert
Birth17 December 1843Wallace Isabella
Birthabout 1843Ferguson William
Birthabout 1843Donald Thomas
Birthabout 1843Hay William
Birthabout 1843Young Matthew
Marriage14 June 1844Bryden James with Hay Elizabeth
Birthabout June 1844Easdale Elisabeth
Birthabout June 1844Easdale Agnes
Event forabout June 1844Easdale Agnes
Event forabout June 1844Easdale Elisabeth
Birth7 July 1844Young Margaret
Marriage27 August 1844Fergusson James Johnstone with Paul Mary
Birth6 September 1844Bryden Montgomery
Birthabout 1844Dick Sarah
Death28 March 1845Hay Samuel
Birth8 June 1845Galloway Susan Clark
Marriage11 July 1845Little David with Faddes Margaret
Birth28 July 1845Hay William
Birthabout August 1845Little Gilbert
Marriage19 September 1845Faddes James with Balfour Margaret
Birth29 November 1845Donald Janet
Birth22 December 1845Hay Janet
Birthabout December 1845Stevenson Elisabeth Smith
Birth7 July 1846Wilson James
Birth7 July 1846Wilson Mary
Birthabout 1846Robertson Mary
Marriageabout 1846Douglas Andrew with Unamed Jane
Birthabout 1846Douglas James
Death1 April 1847Halliday Agnes
Birth30 April 1847Hay Samuel
Birth22 June 1847Martin Margaret
Birthabout September 1847Easdale Jane
Marriage26 November 1847Martin George with Faddes Lydia
Birth21 December 1847Hay Helen
Birthabout 1847Young John
Death14 May 1848Bryden Margaret
Birth30 July 1848Young Jean
Birthabout July 1848Robertson Margaret Dick
Marriage22 December 1848Faddes Samuel with Colquhoun Sarah
Marriage19 January 1849McNeil Charles with Lindsay Jane
Birth3 February 1849Bryden James
Birth22 February 1849McNeil Mary
Marriage14 September 1849Lindsay Thomas
Birth6 October 1849Hay Helen
Birthabout 1849Douglas Mary A
Birthabout 1849Easdale Jane
Birth26 May 1850Lindsay Thomas
Birthabout May 1850Hay Jane
Birth6 September 1850Young Mary
Birthabout 1850Robertson John
Marriage25 July 1851Sloan Joseph with Dick Margaret
Birth5 December 1851Hay Hugh
Birthabout 1851Gilmour Margaret
Birthabout 1851Dunsmuir Mary
Birthabout 1851Donald James Louden
Birthabout 1851Sloan John
Marriageabout 1851Gilmour William with Warden Margaret
Birth29 February 1852Bryden Margaret
Marriage26 March 1852Richmond Hugh with Hay Mary Campell
Birth11 June 1852Hay James
Birthabout 1852Faddes Elizabeth
Birth7 February 1853Hay James
Death26 February 1853Bryden Thomas McClearie
Birth21 December 1853Hay Marion
Birth9 August 1854Hay John
Birthabout 1854Douglas Joseph
Birth16 May 1855Allison Archibald
Event for22 July 1855Young Samuel
Birth22 July 1855Young James
Event for22 July 1855Young James
Birth22 July 1855Young Samuel
Birth29 August 1855Hay Agnes
Death12 November 1855Thom Charles
Birth2 November 1856Hay William
Birth12 January 1857Hay Margaret
Death28 November 1857Hay Samuel
Birth6 December 1857Sloan Marion
Birth26 January 1859Hay John
Birth8 July 1859Hay Samuel
Birth20 July 1859Hay Hugh
Birth24 March 1860Sloan William
Birth12 October 1861Hay Elizabeth
Death15 December 1861Easdale James
Birth18 July 1862Sloan Hector
Marriage22 August 1862Crystal George with Donald Ann
Marriage27 August 1862Bryden Joseph Josh with Thom Jane Jean
Marriage11 September 1862Bryden David with Stevenson Janet Jessie
Death16 October 1862logan Jane
Birth2 November 1862Bryden Thomas
Birth4 November 1862Bryden Elizabeth Smith
Death19 August 1863Donald Ann
Birth27 September 1863Hay Andrew
Birthabout 1863Nisbet Margaret
Birth23 May 1864Bryden Margaret
Birth18 June 1864Bryden Jane
Birth11 June 1865Bryden Robert
Birth10 June 1866Hay Susan Helen
Birth22 August 1866Bryden Charles
Birthabout 1866Bryden Thomas
Marriage12 August 1867Hay Andrew Hunter with Campbell Elizabeth
Birth29 August 1868Bryden Joseph
Death11 December 1868Hay Susan Helen
Birthabout 1868Hay Thomas
Marriage26 December 1870Murdoch James with Hay Elizabeth
Birthabout 1870Hay James
Death29 March 1871McMillan Helen
Birthabout 1871Murdoch Sarah
Marriage15 March 1872Hay Samuel with McMillan Janet
Marriage28 March 1873Young Robert with Bryden Agnes McLerrie
Birth16 May 1873Young Mary Morton
Marriage11 July 1873Sloan John with Gilmour Margaret
Birthabout 1873Hay Agnes
Birthabout 1873Hay Jessie
Marriageabout 1873Hill John with Hay Marion
Birthabout 1873Murdoch Elizabeth
Birth26 May 1874Sloan Margaret
Birth27 August 1874Young Margaret Hunter
Death14 November 1874Hunter Susan
Marriage27 November 1874Turner William with Rockcliff Mary
Birth7 December 1875Sloan Jane Dick
Death31 December 1875Richmond Hugh
Birthabout 1875Hay James
Birthabout 1875Hay Susan
Birthabout 1877Hay William
Death21 January 1878Bryden Agnes McLerrie
Birth15 May 1878Sloan Mary Gilmour
Birthabout 1878Hay Elizabeth
Birthabout 1878Hay Samuel
Death16 August 1879Hunter Margaret
Death16 May 1880Hay John
Birth26 June 1880Sloan Margaret
Marriage22 October 1880Hay Samuel with Nisbet Margaret
Birthabout November 1880McClean Mary F
Birthabout 1880Hay John
Birthabout 1880Hay William
Birthabout January 1881Donald Somerville
Birth9 February 1881Hay James
Birth22 February 1881Wilson Elizabeth
Marriage22 August 1881Drynan Hugh with Bryden Jane McClearie
Death11 December 1881Hay Elizabeth
Death30 December 1881Wilson William
Birthabout 1881Hay Mary
Burialabout January 1882Wilson William
Marriage7 December 1882Stevenson James with Bryden Margaret
Birthabout 1882Gavin Allan
Birth2 August 1883Hay Jane
Birthabout 1883Stevenson Margaret Hunter
Birth28 December 1884Stevenson Mary Ritchie Strathearn
Death12 April 1885McChesney Susanna
Birth6 June 1886Stevenson John
Death11 December 1886Hay James
Birthabout 1887Hay Hugh
Death25 March 1888Hay Janet
Birth12 May 1888Stevenson Mary Jane
Death20 September 1888Hay Agnes
Birthabout 1889Hay John
Birthabout 1892Hay Susan
Birthabout 1892Hunter Male
Death10 December 1893Davidson Thomas
Death26 January 1894Hay Mary Campell
Birthabout 1894Hay Annie
Death6 February 1895Hunter James
Death12 February 1895Hunter Jane
Birthabout 1895Bryden Female
Birthabout 1895Hay Annie
Deathbefore 1895Hay William
Birthabout 1896Hay Hugh
Death2 November 1897Donald Somerville
Birthabout 1897Bryden Male
Death31 March 1898Neill Helen Ellen
Birthabout 1898Hay Elizabeth
Birthabout 1899Bryden Female
Birthabout 1899Hay William
Marriage27 December 1900Templeton Thomas with Sloan Margaret
Birthabout 1900Hay Susan
Death17 April 1901Hay John
Birthabout 1901Bryden Male
Marriageabout 1901Morrison John with Hay Mary
Marriageabout 1903Hamilton William with Bone Helen
Birthabout 1903Bryden Male
Death25 November 1905Hay Helen
Marriageabout 1907Gavin Allan with Bone Rachel
Marriage17 July 1908Hay Samuel with Burnie Georgina Watt
Deathafter 1909Stevenson Janet Jessie
Death11 September 1911Murdoch James
Death15 September 1913Hay Andrew Hunter
Birthabout 1913Bryden Male
Marriageabout 1913Bryden Male with Murdoch Female
Birthabout 1913Kee Female Kum
Birthabout 1915Bryden Male
Birthabout 1915Unamed Female
Birthabout 1916Gavin James
Death29 November 1918Hay William
Deathabout 1929Murdoch Sarah
Death23 January 1930McClure Mary Ann
Death29 August 1930Hay Samuel
Birthabout 1933Bryden Male
Birthabout 1935Bryden Male
Marriageabout 1935Bryden Male with Unamed Female
Birthabout 1935Bryden Female
Birthabout 1935Bryden Male
Birthabout 1937Bryden Female
Birthabout 1939Bryden Male
Death27 October 1940Hay Susan
Death28 November 1941Hay Hugh
Birthabout 1941Bryden Male
Death15 February 1942Wallace Mary Ann
Birthabout 1943Bryden Male
Birthabout 1945Bryden Dorothy
Deathabout 1946Hay Samuel
Death19 February 1947Nisbet Margaret
Birthabout 1947Bryden Male
Birthabout 1947McMillan Female
Death20 December 1948Bryden Dorothy
Death8 April 1960Bryden Robert Noble
Marriageabout 1961Bryden Male with Kee Female Kum
Death29 January 1962Sloan Jane Dick
Birthabout 1967Bryden Female
Marriageabout 1967Bryden Male with McMillan Female
Birthabout 1969Bryden Male
Deathabout 1974Burnie Georgina Watt

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