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Canada - ON Ontario - Sydenham Twp, Grey Co

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth29 March 1874Reid Margaret Scott
Marriage22 October 1896McWhirter John with Reid Margaret Scott
Death16 July 1901Dixon Leslie
Marriage28 December 1907McWhirter William Ivie with Reid Elizabeth Lizzie



Canada - ON Ontario - Thornhill : 2 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriageabout 1847Ramsden John with Frizell Ellen Lazier
Marriageabout 1854Ramsden John with Bowman Jane



Canada - ON Ontario - Timmins : 1 event

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage5 May 1919Hirschfeld Harry John with Bastien Desneige Marie



Canada - ON Ontario - Toronto : 23 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage21 December 1871Lambie Joseph with Percy Elizabeth
Birth10 January 1880Pitman Alice
Marriage21 March 1883French Robert James with Lambie Elizabeth
Birth24 November 1885Chapman Frederick William
Birth23 December 1889Ball Lillian Slade
Marriage13 January 1913Chapman Frederick William with Ball Lillian Slade
Marriageabout 1927Turner Chester Ruggles with Forward Helen
Death30 August 1941Ball Abraham
Marriage23 September 1943Lasuik Michael with Swystun Olga
Death17 November 1949Lambie Elizabeth
Death29 June 1952Chapman Frederick William
Death15 February 1957French Robert James
Birth5 November 1959Lewis Craig Stephen
Death17 May 1962Lewis Craig Stephen
Death31 August 1962Davidson John Allison
Death30 April 1964Ball Lillian Slade
Death13 October 1964Lambie Agnes
Death5 June 1965Muir Marion Haddow
Death24 May 1969Spinks Gordon Floyd
Death21 January 1982Hurst Charles
Death8 January 1992Lewis Edward John Ed
Death22 May 1995Lucas Edna May
Death17 February 2002McDonald Robert Roy



Canada - ON Ontario - United Church, Fitzroy Harbor

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage21 August 1948Davidson Kenneth McEwan with Tripp Florence Margaret



Canada - ON Ontario - Vaughan Township, York

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth5 April 1832Dick Robert



Canada - ON Ontario - Vaughan

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage17 December 1862Gilmore John with Graham Nancy



Canada - ON Ontario - Vernon

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth31 March 1910Campbell Freda
Death19 May 1992Battey Herbert Reynolds
Death16 December 1994Shanks Gladys Evelyn



Canada - ON Ontario - Walkerton : 1 event

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Bruce Co

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth22 October 1882Thompson Effie



Canada - ON Ontario - Walters Falls, Grey Cty

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birthabout 1857McWhirter John



Canada - ON Ontario - Waterloo County

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth12 February 1850Hieronymus Katharina Catherine



Canada - ON Ontario - Waterloo : 1 event

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death31 October 1982Fulton David Thomson



Canada - ON Ontario - Welland : 4 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death?Unamed Isabelle
Death?Murphy James
Death?Murphy Thomas
Death5 July 1929Strachan Andrew



Canada - ON Ontario - Wellington Co

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth17 September 1876McWhirter William Ivie



Canada - ON Ontario - West Meath

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birthabout 1832McKay Mary
Death31 August 1918McKay Isabella



Canada - ON Ontario - Westboro

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death22 March 1937Turner John Edgar Eddy



Canada - ON Ontario - Westmeath

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death4 March 1926Davidson Stewart



Canada - ON Ontario - Westminister

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death19 March 1961McKerlie Charles Manceville



Canada - ON Ontario - Whitby : 3 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death16 September 1847lambie James William
Marriage24 July 1871Simpson Charles with Breault Catherine Melinda Breaw
Death11 January 1956Johnston Robert Hewton



Canada - ON Ontario - Wroxeter, Howick Twp, Huron Co

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage24 November 1873Thompson Joseph E with Wark Ann Jane



Canada - ON Ontario - Wyoming : 1 event

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birthabout 1872Sleno Agnes



Canada - ON Ontario - York

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birthabout 1842Scott Francis
Marriage17 December 1863Scott Francis with Lambie Elizabeth



Canada - ON Ontario - York County

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage29 October 1863McFadzean Thomas with Lambie Janet
Marriage19 January 1865Dick William with Graham Elizabeth
Marriage3 April 1866Dick Robert with Graham Sarah
Death12 October 1893Chapman Joshua



Canada - ON Ontario - Zurich

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage16 March 1904Forrest James Cooper with Cochrane Mary
Death25 March 1930Hieronymus Katharina Catherine



Canada - PE Prince Edward Island

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birthabout 1841Lamont Raechel



Canada - QC Quebec

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birthabout 1831Barber Elizabeth
Birthabout 1831McDonald Thomas William
Birthabout 1839Davidson Jannet Jennet Archibald
Birthabout 1853Frazer Margaret Jane
Birth1 November 1854Davidson Thomas
Birthabout 1854Fraser John W
Birthabout 1855Fraser Charles
Birthabout 1857Carpentier Eustache
Birthabout 1858Fraser Joseph T
Marriageabout 1859McDonald Thomas William with Davidson Jannet Jennet Archibald
Birthabout 1861Fraser Benjamin
Birthabout 1863Fraser Ann M
Birthabout 1869Fraser Martha
Birth26 September 1870Fraser Allen R
Birthabout 1875Kerr William
Birthabout 1877Kerr Florence
Marriageabout 1880Carpentier Eustache with Juneau Rose Anna
Birthabout 1880Kerr Archibald
Death24 November 1881Davidson Isabella
Deathabout 1887McDonald Thomas William
Deathabout 1931Davidson Jannet Jennet Archibald
Death1 March 1934Davidson Andrew
Death25 January 1941Davidson Thomas
Death25 July 1941McMillan Jessie A



Canada - QC Quebec - Arvida : 1 event

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth6 March 1927Brand Mary Purvis



Canada - QC Quebec - Aylmer : 2 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage12 June 1941Orange Russell James with Davidson Alma Robina
Deathabout 1977Peterkin Wilbert Earl



Canada - QC Quebec - Barber Cem, West Templeton

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burialabout July 1884Davidson Arthur Ernest
Burialabout July 1884Davidson Male
Burialabout September 1888Davidson Nellie
Burial25 November 1893Davidson Charles Wilber
Burialabout February 1894Davidson Male
Burial27 July 1895Fraser Elizabeth Barber



Canada - QC Quebec - Bourg Louis

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burial?Johnston Mary Jane
Burial15 November 1919Johnston James Alexander



Canada - QC Quebec - Cantley United Cemetery

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burialabout 1958McClelland Isabella



Canada - QC Quebec - Cantley

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birthabout 1874McClelland Isabella
Marriage29 June 1885Babcock Ambrose Hunt with Davidson Jane Jennie Stobie
Marriage30 June 1919Clarke Oscar Thomas Colin with Babcock Augusta Jessie
Deathabout 1958McClelland Isabella
Death24 May 1978Davidson William Roy



Canada - QC Quebec - Cemetery, West Templeton

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Burialabout June 1913McElroy Nancy
Burialabout June 1926Kerr Joseph



Canada - QC Quebec - Chelsea

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage11 June 1883Erskine George E with Davidson Mary Elizabeth
Marriage25 June 1884Turner Allan James with Harris Elizabeth Bessie Ann
Marriage18 October 1893Turner Malcolm Cameron with Turner Margaret Jane
Marriage11 September 1906Davidson James McEwan with Kerr Hannah



Canada - QC Quebec - Clarendon

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birthabout 1892Johnston Ernest Harold



Canada - QC Quebec - Co. Of Labelle, Portland Twp

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth28 August 1908Davidson Alma Robina



Canada - QC Quebec - Eardly

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth9 April 1885Turner Mary Beatrice
Birth6 October 1887Turner William Edward
Birth27 August 1892Turner Moodie



Canada - QC Quebec - Gatineau Point : 11 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth25 July 1886Davidson Charles Wilber
Death2 September 1888Davidson Nellie
Birth17 October 1889Davidson Leslie
Death25 November 1893Davidson Charles Wilber
Birth12 February 1894Davidson Male
Death12 February 1894Davidson Male
Birth5 February 1910Davidson Kenneth McEwan
Death9 June 1946Davidson James McEwan
Burial11 June 1946Davidson James McEwan
Burialabout 1960Boyes Lillian S
Death20 May 1963Kerr Hannah



Canada - QC Quebec - Gatineau : 2 events

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West Templeton

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Death26 November 1889McLatchie Janet
Burialabout November 1889McLatchie Janet



Canada - QC Quebec - Hull : 3 events

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Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birthabout 1845Baxter Thomas
Birthabout 1858Fraser Elizabeth Barber


Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth14 May 1863Davidson William Crawford



Canada - QC Quebec - Lascelles

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth28 May 1870Joynt William G
Birth26 July 1871Unamed Ada
Marriageabout 1890Joynt William G with Unamed Ada
Birthabout 1892Joynt William
Birth14 July 1898Joynt J W
Birth22 December 1899Joynt Gladys
Birthabout 1899Rice Mary A
Birthabout 1901Joynt Elizabeth
Marriageabout 1919Joynt William with Rice Mary A
Birthabout 1924Joynt William Goldwin
Birthabout 1926Joynt Clifford
Birthabout 1926Unamed Female
Marriageabout 1946Joynt Clifford with Unamed Female
Birthabout 1946Joynt Diana
Deathabout 1949Rice Mary A

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